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Case Study: Network Infrastructure for Behavioral/Mental Health Organization

Fortis Cyber Solutions helped a Behavioral/Mental Health organization in Central Ohio to build out their suite’s network infrastructure. The suite houses 30 employees, and the goal was to allow employees to share Central Processing Units or CPUs with one another and the internet. The project included pulling cables through walls to connect 30 laptops, installing Wi-Fi, and configuring other network equipment. 

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5 Tips to Protect Your Personal Information During Tax Season

Tax season is a time when many people are vulnerable to identity theft and various other forms of cybercrime. Here are some tips to help you protect your data during tax season...

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The Rise of the Smart Classroom

Thanks to the integration of cutting-edge technologies. From interactive whiteboards to virtual reality headsets, today’s high-tech classrooms create immersive and engaging learning experiences for students and teachers. Listed below are some of the tools shaping the future of education.

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Students at their desks in a classroom on tablets

Rhino's Reasoning

Question: Can Facebook polls and quizzes hack my computer and/or files?


Some of the technologies that can help businesses enhance their customer communication and engagement are In-app messaging, chatbots, video conferencing, and augmented reality/virtual reality.

Whenever you are sharing personal responses on a public platform, it is possible that the information you share can lead to you being hacked. The surveys and polls alone are not the danger. The risk is associated with the answers/information you provide. Please be mindful about what you are being asked to share.

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