September 26, 2018

Latest Update on Medicaid Transformation
There are several new items to report concerning Medicaid Transformation.  They include:

  • An RFI for a new Medicaid Management Information System
  • RFP for Provider Credentialing
  • RFI on the Ombudsman Program
  • More information on Advanced Medical Home Resources
  • Updates to the RFP for Standard Plan
  • Organization changes within DHHS

Each of these updates has been summarized for you.  Read now.
i2i Center has a Medicaid RFP Summary Guide Available
In case you missed it - i2i Center staff have distilled down almost 500 pages of RFP jargon and text into the key topics areas.  This is an easy to understand Medicaid Standard Plan RFP Guide for those interested in the NC Medicaid Transformation of behavioral and physical healthcare. Sections Include: Guide to the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Medicaid Standard Plan Timeframes for Implementation PHP and more. 
TCLI Service Usage Analysis Shows Progression
 "Compliance is important but building a strong community-based system for individuals with a serious mental illness is the goal."
- Marti Knisley, US DOJ Settlement Independent Reviewer

Knisley, with assistance from HSRI, a national consulting firm, NC DHHS (including LME/MCOs) and CCNC, conducted a study of claims for services over a four-year period using multiple data sources to determine trends in service usage for individuals who are in the US DOJ Settlement. This analysis can be used to "frame future examination of patterns in service use and to address other questions regarding program performance and outcomes," stated Knisley in the report. 
NC Medicaid Temporary Provisions During Hurricane Florence Recovery 
NC DHHS is committed to help those affected by Hurricane Florence by focusing on creating opportunities for people on Medicaid to access-and health care professionals to deliver-Medicaid and NC Health Choice care and services more quickly.
DHHS has secured authority from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to move forward with many interim Medicaid policies adjustments, and are continuing to work with federal and state partners to seek additional remedies.
They have asked us to share with you two fact sheets, a more technical one for health care professionals and another plain language version for beneficiaries.
DHHS has also launched a NC Medicaid Hurricane Florence Response & Recovery webpage on the NC Medicaid website, that will continue to be updated as policies continue to be enhanced to assist recovery efforts, and to share other helpful information.
Flood Donation Assistance
Can We Help?
  The i2i Center knows that the flood has been devastating for our neighbors to the east and many providers are struggling to meet individual needs.  If you are a provider organization seeking donations as a result of Florence, we would like to help by posting your link on our website. 
Please email your link to 
i2i Center Innovations Awards 
Call for Nominations thru 10/19
The i2i Center for Integrative Health is establishing a new awards program - the Innovations Awards. These awards recognize innovation in services and programming to increase integrated, whole person approaches to care. 
Nominations will be accepted from any individual or from any organization(s) serving those who utilize NC's publically funded MH/IDD/SUD service system.
Award Categories:


  • Quality Commitment
  • Technology
  •  Whole Person Care
  •  Community Inclusion
  •  Individual and Family Initiatives
Click here for Nomination Form.  Deadline is October 19th.   

Triangle Radio Reading Service: Connecting the Visually Impaired to their Communities & the World

One of the best kept secrets in the North Carolina is the Triangle Radio Reading Service (TRRS). Individuals that are blind or have a print impairment can listen live to specially trained volunteers reading local and national newspapers, magazines for every interest and numerous podcasts. TRRS provides listener services 24 hours a day, seven days a week through live broadcasts, pre-recorded programs and podcasts.
TRRS is a nonprofit organization that connects people who are blind or print impaired to each other, their communities, and the families by delivering news, information and entertainment using the latest audio technology.



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