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Almost 26 years in business, Lily's continues to provide the finest all-natural, high performance beauty products using the least amount of preservatives!

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In the most recent email, the message was nourishing and beautifying the skin through PLANT and FRUIT OILS. If you missed that email, CLICK on the image below! Keep reading to learn more about PLANT & FRUIT OIL products.

MARULA OIL, a rare African Miracle Oil, is derived from

´╗┐MARULA FRUIT, native to Southern Africa. Rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins. Although a lightweight texture, it moisturizes, repairs and protects the skin. The Rose Nature Cleanser featured below contains MARULA OIL.

MARULA OIL is an ingredient in the Rose Nature Oil-Milk Cleanser (above RIGHT). This Cleanser also contains MACADAMIA OIL and the power of 3 Roses: Peony, Black Forest and Desert Rose. Treat your skin by washing your face with this Cleanser morning and night! CLICK on the image above to read more and order! $50.00 (4.23 oz.)

MARULA OIL is in the Rose Nature Protection Spray featured below. Refresh your skin throughout the day with this Blue Light Protection Spray. The PR3 Rose complex protects against blue light and Olive Oil Extract acts as a natural anti-oxidant. Counters premature, digital and stress-related aging. Does not remove or mess up makeup! $65.00 (3.38 oz.)

CASTOR OIL has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal ingredient for Sensitive Skin. Rich in Ricinoleic Acid, it nourishes and helps to improve the skins elasticity. The ZZ Strengthening Gel featured below contains CASTOR OIL.

CASTOR OIL is an ingredient in the ZZ Strengthening Gel Toner featured above left. Ideal for all skin types, even Sensitive Skin. Strengthens, cleans and refreshes the skin. Contains a Pre-biotic and Pro-biotic Complex that brings the skin flora into balance. Everyone needs a good Toner! Use both AM and PM after cleansing. CLICK on the image to read more and order. $38.00 (5.07 oz.)

CASTOR OIL is an ingredient in FOR LIPS (back in stock!). This highly nourishing product soothes and protects even the dryest lips. Also contains Jojoba Oil and Macadamia Oil. Rose Stem Cells from the Black Forest counteract Collagen breakdown. Apply before lipstick to reduce lip lines, plump up and soften your lips. $13.00 (0.17 oz.)

OLIVE OIL (Liquid Gold) is rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamins. It moisturizes, protects and rejuvenates the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe irritation and reduce redness, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Embrace the golden elixer of OLIVE OIL for nourished and vibrant skin!

OLIVE OIL is in the LL Day Cream featured above. For Dry skin, designed to protect, regenerate and revitalize the skin. Ingredients include Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Echinacea, Witch Hazel, St. John's Wort, Chamomile and Calendula. Apply daily for more youthful looking skin. Ideal for first signs of aging! $60.00 (1.69 oz.)

OLIVE OIL is in the Rosentau Night Cream, designed for Normal to Dry skin. Ingredients also include Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Cucumber and Vitamin C. Anti-oxidants include Sage, Hops, Ginkgo and Horsetail Extract. Provides firmer and tighter skin, with improved texture. Reformulated ingredients for those who remember the Rose Dew Night Cream. $48.00 (1.69 oz.)

NEW, NEW NEW! As if Annemarie Borlind didn't already have enough amazing products, see 2 NEW ones!

The Hyaluron BOOSTER FLUID is Rehydrating, Plumping, Regenerating. Red Algae is stimulating and botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Borlind's own deep spring water results in refreshed and moisturized skin. Your favorite Serum can be layered on top and then a Moisturizer or SPF. Always use an SPF! More steps, but worth it! Shake before using. $38.00 (1.69 oz.)

The Skin & Pore Balancing Serum featured below is Mattifying, Pore Refining, Clarifying. This Intensive Serum is for combination skin with large pores. Regulates sebum and refines the pores, resulting in a matt and even complexion. Contains Lilac which has oil-reducing properties. Apply after your Toner and before your Moisturizer. Always use an SPF as your last step! $60.00 (.50 oz.)

It feels GREAT to have GREAT skin! Have your best skin by using these fabulous products!

Hampton Sun CHEMICAL-FREE sun protection uses only the finest ingredients, the silkiest formulas, the most advanced technology and highest protection with skin care benefits. The high-quality, natural, anti-aging ingredients actually improve the health of your skin!

Chemical-free and containing anti-aging ingredients, Hampton Sun is the BEST sun protection ever! Choose from a variety of SPF's and textures, including SPF 15, 30, 45 and 50! See below the SPF 45 Oil-free Wrinkle Control Cream ($42.00 ~ 2 oz.) and SPF 50 Spray Mist ($32.00 ~ 5 oz.). CLICK on the image to view all and stock up today!

 The SPF 30 Mineral Spray Mist featured below is a non-aerosol spray. The spray foam spreads beautifully, is ultra sheer and lightweight. Infused with all-natural Argon Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, these ingredients have age-defying and soothing benefits. Has an ON/OFF lock top, making it ideal for transport. Provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Chemical-free and Coral Reef Safe! $34.00 (6 oz.)

More CHEMICAL-FREE! JCOS sources the best products from Japan and brings them home for you to enjoy! These products are gentle, yet effective, completely clean and environmentally friendly.

These natural Hair Care products are not too complicated, offering simplified products that will have your hair looking healthy and beautiful.

NEW, NEW, NEW Latte Sham CAFFEINE Shampoo and Conditioner! With a delicate Coffee Scent these products are a latte for your locks. Frothy milk Caffeine activates blood circulation in the scalp, recharging and reviving hair follicles, leaving your hair lustrous, frizz-free, and full of volume. Safe for color-treated hair. Shampoo and Conditioner $30.00 each (16.9 oz.).

Save your Containers once done and get REFILLS in a BAG to pour into your Containers! See Latte Sham REFILLS below. $26.00 each (13.5 oz.)

REFILL your AHALO Shampoo and Conditioner too! AHALO is for dry, damaged, frizzy hair. Contains 6 types of BUTTER, including Shea Butter, Jojoba Butter, Mango Butter, Muru Muru Butter, Cupuaqu Butter and Cocoa Seed Butter. See AHALO Shampoo and Conditioner REFILLS below. $24.00 each (13.5 oz.)

REFILL your Claynal Shampoo and Conditioner too! Strengthens weak, thin and colored-treated hair. Reduces hair loss, promotes healthy hair growth and balances the scalp. Works against dandruff and an itchy scalp. Organic White Clay gently cleanses and repairs the hair. See CLAYNAL Shampoo and Conditioner REFILLS below. $24.00 each (13.5 oz.)

It feels GREAT to have GREAT hair! Have your best hair by using these fabulous products!

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