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This is the follow-up companion to the first Genealogy Tip of the Day book.

Genealogy can be confusing and sometimes what the family historian needs is something short and to-the-point that can help them get their research back on track. That's the intent of "Genealogy Tip of the Day."

Long-time genealogist Michael John Neill uses his thirty years of research experience to remind readers of things they had forgotten, make them aware of things they did not know, and encourage them to increase their research and analytical skills. This is not a typical how-to book that has a chapter for each content topic. Topics are spread throughout the book. Tips are based on actual research, actual families, and actual problems. Each day's tip is meant to be a relatively short read, is engaging, accurate, and occasionally funny.

Tip of the Day can be read front-to-back or browsed through at the reader's whim. Tips are about genealogical sources, pitfalls, and procedures based on Michael's extensive experience researching ancestors in the United States and abroad. Tips are practical, easy-to-understand, and applicable to those with ancestors in a variety of locations. Tips have been edited for clarity and updated when necessary. Any content that was time-sensitive has been removed. What's left is research advice and suggestions with some humor thrown in.

Chapter 1: Selective Memory, Separate Maintenance, and Minor Choosing

Chapter 2: Grandma’s Right, Order Clues, and Data Mining

Chapter 3: Shoved Letters, Lines, and Three-Year Old Genealogists

Chapter 4: Re-hitching, Prime Directives, and Classified Ancestors

Chapter 5: Air Comparisons, Spine Photographs, and Fractions

Chapter 6: Farm Wives, Teachers, and Deserters

Chapter 7: Sloughs, Corners, and Probate Burials

Chapter 8: Denizens, Bugs, and Pastor’s Slips

Chapter 9: ABCs, No-Kids Kin, and Scratching

Chapter 10: Hell Fenced In, Boo Boos, and Mustard

Chapter 11: Greeting Cards, First Guys, and Grandpa’s Old Style

Chapter 12: Flitting, Bleach, and Vacuums

Chapter 13: Aunt Law, Ideals, and Babies

Chapter 14: Clean Notes, Dots, Creeks, and Creases

Chapter 15: Grandma’s Teeth, Wagging Tails, and Men-in-Waiting

Chapter 16: Red Herrings, Bubbles, and Timber

Chapter 17: Doubting Thomas, Teachers’ Lounges, and Evaporators


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