Issue 3 | October 2022
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Storage Review: Kioxia's XG8 SSD
The KIOXIA XG8 Series is a client SSD that leverages the PCIe Gen4 NVMe 1.4 specification and is a direct successor to the company’s XG6 series. Featuring 5th-gen BiCS FLASH 3D TLC NAND, KIOXIA is positioning the XG8 as a high-performance SSD for OEMs, giving system builders a viable option for workstations, gaming rigs, and even light data center applications.

VentureBeat: Intel's advances in silicon photonics can break the I/O “power wall” with less energy, higher throughput
Intel’s vision hinges on silicon photonics, which combines integrated circuits and semiconductor lasers. Compared to traditional optical systems comprising hundreds of discrete pieces, silicon photonics crams all that complexity onto a single silicon chip. This results in easier assembly, less power consumption, smaller form factors, and lower cost.

KIOXIA's Scalable BiCS FLASH™ 3D Flash Memory Technology Boosts Memory Capacity to Highest Level Yet Achieved
KIOXIA’s BiCS FLASH™ is a three-dimensional (3D) vertical flash memory cell structure. This structure enables it to surpass the capacity of 2D (planar) flash memory. KIOXIA’s TLC 3-bit-per-cell 1Tb (128GB) BiCS FLASH™, an industry first, enhances the reliability of write/erase endurance while boosting write speeds. The company also offers a 1.33Tb BiCS FLASH™ device that features 4-bit-per-cell, quadruple-level-cell (QLC), technology. It's the first 3D flash memory device to do so.