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Greetings fellow AIA Members from Washington D.C. Several of our AIA Michigan colleagues and I are attending the 2024 Leadership Summit (Formerly Grassroots).  Representing our state at this conference is always a great opportunity to learn about what is important to AIA National and to our organization.  One of the main reasons this conference is in our nation’s capital is to have representation from each state meet with our State Senators and House or Representative members at their offices in Washington. In my experience the in-person meetings from constitutes from the state is always better than a letter or email and gives a chance to discuss topics that affects all architects.  Below is a brief summary of the topics we are currently discussing with both the Senate and the House of Representatives: 

  • Design in Democracy Act: This is a counter to the former executive order which created an official preference for classical and traditional architecture for federal courthouses and other buildings over $50 million in construction value. The AIA was opposed to this executive order and the Design is Democracy Act would depoliticize the ability for future presidents or congress to mandate a required specific type of architecture.  
  • Tax Relief for American Families and Workers: This act would extend the current ability for Architecture, Engineering and other likeminded business to continue being able to receive tax breaks for Innovation and Research within the year that the funds were spent rather than prorated over 5 years. It also has provisions for low-income families as well as “pass through” deductions...Read more.

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The Southwest Michigan chapter is run 100% by volunteers, and an important initiative for us this year is to streamline our processes to ease the burden of compliance for accreditation. We desire to recruit more members to be involved on our committees to allow the Board members to focus on their responsibilities at the board level. So if you are in AIASWM and you want to get plugged in, we need your talents and energy!

Did you know that our chapter has the highest percentage of Associate members? Our current President, Sara Tripp, AIA has started personally working to help those associates get over the line to become fully licensed architects.  Read more.


Hello + Happy (Almost) Spring! 

Did you know that every month, the Young Architect’s Forum (YAF) puts together a publication Now Ya Know? - Well if you didn’t, now ya know! Here is the link for February’s Edition.

The Now Ya Know Issue usually recaps the month, so February’s issue talks about all kinds of things, including the Future Forward Grant! Are you an early career professional interested in testing new ideas that disrupt the traditional idea of practice? If so – check it out and apply! Read more.


Legislative Lobby Day

March 13, 2024 | Register

Health Facilities Planning Seminar

Grand Traverse Resort, Acme, MI

April 11-12, 2024 | Learn more | Register

81st Annual Mid Summer Conference

August 1-4, 2024 | Save the Date


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