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January 2022: Getting Organized in the New Year
Does your New Year’s Resolution include getting organized? Taking the time to organize a few areas of your life can have profound impacts on your stress levels, overall productivity, and your mood. Whether you organize your budget, your pantry, or your office desk, putting in the effort to get organized can save you time and money. Utilize some of these newsletter tips to recharge and reorganize in the year 2022! 
Eat Well:
Planning out your meals for the week by meal prepping can set you up for nutritional success. When you have healthy foods prepared and readily available, it makes it easier to grab nutrient-dense foods over a fast-food drive-through when you are in a pinch. Click the link below for simple, easy meal prep ideas to start your week off right

Tip #1 – Make sure you allow enough time to cook all food in the timeframe you are available to meal prep. Strategically plan out your oven time!

Tip #2 – Cook foods that you know you like and enjoy eating

Tip #3 – Prepare balanced meals that incorporate a protein, healthy fat, quality carbohydrate, and vegetable
Live Well:
Five organization tips for a healthier you:
1.     Sit down with your papers – grab a seat and go through any loose papers, mail, and receipts laying around the drawers and counters of your home. 
2.     Make a budget – meet with your family and review your overall expenses from the past year. Use this as a guide to making your budget for the new year!
3.     Pick a room to organize - Have you ever gotten in the organization “mood” and found yourself deconstructing all areas of the house at once? Take things slow and accomplish one room at a time before jumping on to the next.
4.     Declutter - toss or donate anything that you no longer use or that belongs in the trash
5.     Plan with a schedule - set aside time to focus on organizing and organizing only. Try to limit distractions such as your phone or the TV!

Resources to Thrive:

Be Well:
In January, write down three things you want to accomplish each day and cross off each task as you complete it. Writing down your goals on a note will not only bring the thought out of your head, but you will become clear on what you want to achieve. It will also help you visualize success!
In Good Health,
About the Monthly Wellness Newsletter
The everyday choices we make can help us live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. The CGO Employee Wellness Newsletter provides monthly resources and education on a variety of topics like nutrition, exercise, emotional health and resilience, prevention and more. Our hope is that this information empowers you to incorporate sustainable healthy habits for a lifetime of good health and well-being.

Always consult with your physician before beginning any wellness program. This general information is not intended to replace your healthcare professional.  

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