Sorting Works Wonders!

Engage your residents with the practical world around them and provide a sense of accomplishment and contribution.

You can mix and match. Let us know what activities you want and we'll assemble the kit.

Take Advantage of Your 2023 Year End Under Spending!

A Customized Selection Montessori Kit is a sure way to keep your residents with dementia busy and engaged.

Let us help you customize a kit that is right for your home.

There are over 100 activities to choose from

Each kit comes loaded with Over 40 activities. They are proven successful in keeping residents with dementia busy in real life, meaningful activities


We'll ask you a few simple questions.


We'll propose a custom Montessori kit....unless you know what you want.


Confirm your selection and we will send your home an invoice.

For more information, pricing or to place an order Call




Click Here to View  a SAMPLE LIST of What Comes in this Kit
A World of Harvest Kit
The Man Kit
All About The Food
Winter Holiday Kit
Italian Kit
For Men & Woman