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April 18, 2022

Esperanza Estates

What's Happening in EE This Week?


8:00 am to 12:00 pm


Pickleball Courts

Morning Water Aerobics

8:30 am

Mon Wed Fri


Gentle Yoga

11:15 am




8:00 am


Whigham Park

Crafty Crafters

1:00 pm



Neighborhood News

Annual EE Easter Parade

Who says we are too old to cruise our EE neighborhood streets honking and shouting? As long as it's a parade in the middle of a lovely Easter afternoon, it's perfectly ok...and we did and it was fun! We had a beautiful day, lots of parade participants, lots of driveway observers, and delicious Easter desserts afterward. Hope you were able to join in the fun!

EEHOA Board Meeting

The EEHOA board meeting is today, Monday, April 18, at 1 pm, at the Ramada.  All residents are encouraged to attend. Whether you are new to the neighborhood or have been here for a while, the Board Meeting is the place to learn about what's going on in Esperanza Estates. Please call President, Dave Sielken, 908-346-1760, with questions.

EEHOA Board Meeting Agenda April 18, 2022

Quorum Determination

Approval of Minutes

Treasurer's Report

Committee Reports: Architectural Control, Capital Projects, Common Area Maintenance, Green Valley Council, Recreational Facilities, Finance, Neighborhood Relations, Hospitality, Neighborhood Watch, Enhancement Team, Gardeners

Old Business

New Business



From Mary Harp

The Gardeners will meet on Tuesday, April 19th at 8 am, at Whigham Park next to 179 Napa.  Bring tools for clean up, pruning and weeding at the Park. New gardeners are always welcome. Call or text 520.329.9103 for Rod Harp with questions.

Crafty Crafters

From Bernie Olson

The Crafters will meet this Thursday, April 21, 1 pm, at the Ramada. We are work on individual projects for the rest of the season. I will continue to bring the roving wool for geodes and felt for felted rocks. We can also continue working on the “no-sew” quilted ornaments (must bring your own supplies). Or, just come on over and enjoy some friendly time.

Call Bernie with questions, 920-254-9277.

Book Club

From Linda Sielken

The EE Book Club book for May is Stranger in the the Lifeboat by Mitch Albom. Kathy Lindeman will be the discussion leader on Thursday, May 10, 10 am, at the Ramada. Please mark your calendars!

Street Lamps

From Tom Cooke

Please keep in mind that our CCR’s require each homeowner to keep the street light in good working order, provided, however that bulbs for the street lights are provided by the HOA at no charge.

To provide uniform lighting only one type of bulb may be used. We ask that you do not replace the bulb yourself, but instead call the HOA at 520-399-0455 when you need a new bulb, and we will replace it for you. Replacement bulbs will be of the LED type and are rated to last for several years.

If your lamp post or light has problems other than those a new bulb will remedy, call Guy Carlson, our resident expert, at 657-500-9193 for repair work at a reasonable price.

A Reminder Regarding the Painting

Of Your Home

From Debbie Ries, EEHOA Architectural Control

In Esperanza Estates, it is the homeowner's responsibility to get written approval from the HOA Board prior to any repainting of the house exterior or walls. You an obtain the Pre-Paint Aproval Form a this link on the EE Website.

Esperanza Estates houses were originally painted in one of four Dunn Edwards paint colors. With Norfolk brown on exposed wood. 

Please keep in mind, there is a reason why a specific brand is recommended. It is consistency. Your home’s exterior is under a constant exposure to UV radiation mixed with dust storms, monsoon rain, and more. Your stucco home takes a beating throughout the year.

To stand up to this environment, you need the best-possible exterior paint. Dunn Edwards exterior paint is specially formulated for the Southwest desert sun, heat, wind, and rain. For a few extra bucks (comparied to Benjamin Moore) your exterior paint will last longer and look better.

If the color used is not deemed identical to the appropriate color, the HOA could require the homeowner to repaint.

Caring Connections

Missing Dog

From Sheryl McCleery

This flyer shows a picture of the dog we are trying to help. She has been running loose for a month now and is extremely skittish. She has spent a lot of time around Esperanza Estates. If you would like any more information please feel free to email or call Sheryl at 231-838-9393. 

Good to Know

Paint Disposal

Source: Pima County Landfills

Paint can be disposed of locally at the Sahuarita Transfer Station at 16605 S. La Canada, Sahuarita. Disposal of antifreeze, batteries, oil, and paint (5 gallon maximum per month) is free. Disposal of five tires per year, with or without rims is also free. Go to the Pima County Landfill website for more details on other items accepted for disposal for a fee..

Events and Entertainment


Tuesday, April 19th at 7:00 PM

Tickets: $25

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