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Festo Servo Press Kit - YJKP Series
For Electrical Press-fitting Applications
The YJKP Servo Press Kit consists of modular operating software and harmonized standard Festo components. With electric spindle drive, motor, motor controller, force sensor and control system, you have everything you need for electric press-fitting applications up to 17 kN. All you have to do is integrate it into your press-fitting application.
  • Less expensive than conventional press-fitting systems
  • Pre-assembled system kit comprising software, controller and standard components from Festo
  • Easy to integrate into your system
  • Pre-installed software: ready to use straightaway and intuitive to parameterize
IK Series Multi-Axis Cartesian System
Everything Needed for Fast and Easy Assembly
The competitively priced ROBO Cylinder IK Series is the multi-axes solution to your automation needs. In addition to easy set-up and simple software programming, IAI's high-quality electric actuators are energy efficient and will dramatically reduce your energy bills.

 The ROBO Cylinder IK Series multi-axes kit includes everything needed for fast and easy assembly.  The available configurations have been greatly expanded, allowing the ideal selection to suit your needs from 396 options. The ROBO Cylinder® equipped as standard with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder has been added to the "IK Series".

GSM 2000 Safety Guarding
Adaptable to Almost Every User Requirement
The GSM 2000 system is not only proved as a machine safety fence system. This solid and reasonably priced system can also be used as a safety perimeter fence for storage areas or other areas where safety is important. And certainly –designed in the high level of quality that GSM is known for.
With 8 different standard heights and 16 different standard widths the GSM 2000 is adaptable to almost every user requirement.
Wago's IP67 Cabinet-free Distributed I/O System
Reduce system cost and boost performance with WAGO’s IP67 cabinet-free distributed I/O system. Fully encapsulated and highly configurable, SPEEDWAY covers a wide range of signals with one module type. WAGO’s robust I/O modules support popular fieldbuses for trouble-free integration of distributed I/O with higher-level controllers. 

SPEEDWAY offers efficient management of large data volumes for signal acquisition and transmission. A wide temperature range and extensive electromagnetic shielding allows for operation even in the harshest environments

EATON XT IEC Series Contactors
Flexibility in Switching and Greater Reliability
The XT IEC series includes non-reversing and reversing contactors and starters as well as overload relays and accessories. Enclosed control options include metallic and non metallic enclosures with circuit breakers, and North American or European fuses. 

The XT contactors use an electronic coil interface design that allows for flexibility in switching and greater reliability. These high-amperage contactors can be switched conventionally with full power to the coil, directly from a PLC output, or from a low-power command device.   

XT IEC Series Contactors

BlueLight Reveals New Angles for Vision
Simple Detection of Transparent and Dark Objects
Developed specifically for recognizing objects that are difficult to detect, BlueLight sensors are true all-rounders. The BlueLight series offers much greater detection efficiency in special applications – even with very dark or highly transparent objects. Reflective surfaces are also no longer a problem.

Photoelectric proximity sensors with BlueLight technology - F 10 BlueLight, F 25 BlueLight and F 55 BlueLight - offer greater detection efficiency than conventional red light proximity sensors when detecting dark or transparent objects.

Sensors with BlueLight technology therefore prove a cost-efficient alternative to standard red light retro-reflective photoelectric sensors . 

BlueLight Photoelectric Technology

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