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Monarch Automation is a high technology distributor serving the factory and process automation industries. 

Ready-to-Install Solutions
Designed and assembled to your specifications

Monarch Automation provides ready-to-install solutions for your pneumatic automation applications. Our made-to-measure control cabinets provide protection for all pneumatic, electrical and electronic system components. The control cabinets are designed and built for your specific application requirements.

Our mounting plates are used for the function-specific pre-assembly of pneumatic and electrical components. They support the individual components and are integrated directly into the system concept.

Pneumatic and electrical pre-assembled function units are ready-to-install and tested combinations including:

  • Cylinder/valve combinations
  • Components for compressed air preparation combined with valves
  • Valve manifolds

LinTech Profile Rail Linear Guides
Complete offering of rails and carriages
Having trouble getting your linear guides in a timely manner? LinTech is located here in the United States and can provide fast delivery on standard square rail and bearing systems. 

LinTech has available 3 different profile rail linear guide versions to choose from. There are short, standard, and long block versions available in each series, which allow the user to match the different capacities to the requirements of the application. Each bearing block has available different end and bottom seal versions and a self, long lasting lube option.

  • MR Series – Miniature profile
  • ARC Series – Standard profile
  • HRC Series – Heavy square rail linear guides

E-Drive Electric Actuators
Forces up to 66,000 lbs
E•DRIVE electric actuators have shown consistent success in the toughest applications, e.g. high loads, high speeds, high precision, and extreme durability. Precision ball screw systems, tailored for maximum life, load and speed, provide the motion while fully enclosed, thus eliminating contamination related failures. While other actuator designs force a particular motor decision, E-Drive linear actuators are designed to suit virtually any motor, gear box, or gearhead the customer chooses to use.

With forces up to 66,000 lbs., E-Drive actuators replace hydraulic and pneumatic linear actuators, cams, levers, and linkages, with controllable motion, repeatable position, and easy adjustment.

  • Piston with rugged anti rotation feature
  • Sealed chamber design with purge provisions
  • Adjustable limit switch positions
  • Accepts almost any motor

GSM Safety Perimeter Fencing
Machine safety fences mean ultimate safety
With GSM safety fences your operators get the highest level of safety. All GSM components are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. No matter for which GSM safety fence system you go - all of these systems are solid, safe and offer a quick and simple assembly.

This incredibly solid and wear resistant safety fence system guarantees the highest level of quality, longevity, and safety. It is one of the most affordable systems on the market. With our innovative mounting system, you can install this system without the use of tools.

  • Quick connect assembly system reduces labor
  • Integrated safety control available
  • Foot pads with jack screws for easy post leveling
  • Adjustable angle fittings for quick assembly
  • Follow the ISO 12100-2 and NEW RIA 15.06.2012 regulations
  • CE compliant

Guardian Line Grab Wire Safety Rope Switches
Connectivity without nuts and bolts
Grab wire safety rope switches are designed to be mounted on machines and sections of conveyors which cannot be protected by guards.

In contrast to traditional mushroom head type emergency stop buttons, Grab Wire Safety Rope Switches can initiate the emergency command from any point along the installed rope length and provide robust Emergency Stop Rope Pull protection for exposed conveyors or machines.

IDEM has overcome the common issue of rope slippage associated with traditional turnbuckle style rope fasteners by providing a ‘no nuts or bolts’ rope connection system with a ‘Quick Link’ clasp at one end of the rope and a patented Tensioner /Gripper at the other.

The Tensioner / Gripper is located at the switch (rather than elsewhere along the rope length) so that the switch tension window can be viewed. Final setting and locking can be achieved in a matter of seconds without any need for frequent re-tensioning.

SMARTimer Digital Timer
Two totally independent programmable channels in a single product  

This new multifunction digital timer with two (2) 10 A contacts and two (2) independent channels offers flexibility & easy installation. With a large backlit LCD display for easy viewing of operating parameters. Time range settings from 0.1 seconds through 9999 hours and high precision 4-digit time setting from 000.1 to 9999 units.

Programming is smart, flexible, and secure with PIN lockout, while permitting the creation of application specific functionality from the combination of the 25 functions available for each channel. NFC (near field communication) programming is fast and can be accomplished without power supplied to the unit. 

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