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Festo Valve Terminal VTUG
With plug-in for installation in control cabinets

The VTUG valve offers a base specifically designed for installing the valve with manifold rail in a control cabinet. The base mount manifold is optimized for space savings while providing simple installation. It supports convenient access to the valve terminal as well as the plug-in connections.

Valve terminal VTUG is a compact valve manifold for low-cost general use. They are available as a multi-pin or fieldbus valve terminal for quick and easy conversion. Up to 24 valve positions can mount on a fixed grid. 3 valve sizes offer up to 100% higher flow rate than competitor solutions.

Industrial Conveyors
The ultimate user friendly conveyor

QC Industries’  Industrial Series conveyors   provide a wide range of solutions for any application including indexing, plastic chain, embedded drive, and heavy load carrying capacities. These conveyors have been designed for rugged and demanding environments.

  • 125 Industrial Belt for heavier loads.
  • InnerDrive Embedded Drive Conveyors with an internal 24v DC motor.
  • Flextrac Plastic Chain Conveyors allows for heavier loads, higher speeds, and longer conveyors.
  • 300 Precision Indexing Conveyors precisely place parts with an accuracy of +/-.015”.
  • 400 Heavy Duty Conveyors haul heavy loads long distances.

Wireless Ethernet Gateway
Simplifies networks
The  758-918 Wireless ETHERNET Gateway   simplifies creation of a wireless transmission link for ETHERNET protocols (e.g., PROFINET, MODBUS/TCP, Ethernet/IP).

The gateway is used as a cable substitute to create a robust, industry-proven Bluetooth® or WLAN link between two automation devices. The gateways support various configurations and can therefore also be operated as an access point.

The IP65 housing and internal directional antenna allow the gateway to be used even in harsh industrial environments.

Miniature e Series Sensors
Mount it anywhere
The Miniature e Series photoelectric is an ultra thin type that can be mounted anywhere thanks to its angled cable and flexible mounting holes. With both Flat ON and Side ON types available, the sensor offers two mounting options. When there is limited space in width, choose Side ON type. When height is limited, choose the Flat ON type. LED indicators are visible on the front and back of the housing making setup and adjustments easy.

The e Series is available in thru-beam type as well as diffuse/limited diffuse reflective type.

Ultra Slim, Versatile Relay Interface Modules
Save time and space
The 39 Series MasterINTERFACE  is a new concept in interface relays from Finder: Ultra slim (only 6.2 mm); and available in 5 different versions, suitable for interfacing with PLC-controlled automated systems:

  • “MasterBASIC” for use in any type of system.
  • “MasterPLUS” has the same features as “MasterBASIC”, and in addition allows an extra protection to the output circuit, thanks to its replaceable fuse.
  • “MasterINPUT” can be used in interface applications between sensors, contacts or limit switches and PLC input circuits.
  • “MasterOutput” is suitable for interfacing between PLC outputs and relays, motors and solenoids.
  • “MasterTIMER” is a Multifunction and Multi-scale timed interface module.

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