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New DGST Series Pneumatic Mini-Slide
Precise and powerful
The DGST mini slide is extremely compact, with what the company says is the smallest footprint on the market. 

The DGST slide and yoke are manufactured as a single component, rather than two pieces joined together, thus ensuring very high rigidity and perpendicularity. That, along with a backlash-free yoke connection and recirculating ball bearing guide, produces a system with extremely small tolerances and very high repetition accuracy. DGST’s maintenance-free, twin-piston drive increases its power, load-carrying capacity and overall stability. 

  • Seven sizes from 6 to 25
  • Stroke lengths from 10 mm to 200 mm
  • Extremely compact slide drive
  • Low-torsion and no misalignment

Wireless Data Setting for ELECylinder
Set operating conditions with wireless connection
Now the ELECylinders position adjustments and operating conditions can be set by the  TB-03 teaching pendant  from outside the equipment, even without a cable connection.

The TB-03 can monitor the operating status of up to 16 axes while receiving wireless data from the ELECylinder. Error recovery time can also be shortened by troubleshooting with wireless connection. Dedicated cables can also connect the TB-03 teach pendant to all the controllers.

The ELECylinder electric actuators replace air cylinders. With multi-positioning it can start and stop smoothly at high velocity, reducing cycle times.

New Vacuum Generator ECBPM
Small, strong and electric
Schmalz’s new CobotPump miniature electrical vacuum generator is designed especially for the automated handling of small parts with a single suction cup. This lightweight and compact solution is typically used on collaborative robots with a lifting capacity of up to three kilograms.

Without the need for compressed air, there are no conventional hoses, which makes it much easier to use both in mobile robotics and for stationary collaborative robots. The pumps extremely low-wear motor produces a vacuum of up to 400 mbar and a suction rate of one liter per minute. That allows the small CobotPump to generate enough suction force to perform tasks such as bin picking, where it serves as a reliable tool for picking up airtight objects from containers.

Hydra-Pneumatic Actuators
Long-lasting, low-cost pressing and forming cylinder
The HyperCyl compact satellite HPX unit is a self-contained system without the need for external reservoirs. A fast-approach then high-pressure stroke permits a ‘soft-touch’ with tooling contact and permits monitoring of stack-up height prior to high-pressure stroke.

Two pneumatic valves for operation make this an ideal choice for an efficient, low cost yet long-life pressing & forming cylinder.

  • Total stroke up to 28”
  • Power stroke up to 2”
  • 2,000 lbs – 60,000 lbs force using up to 100 PSI shop air
  • Optional IntelliCyl™ for force & distance monitoring

Standard Duty Emergency Stop Switches
Robust emergency stop protection
IDEM's Standard Duty Emergency Stop Switches are designed to provide robust Emergency Stop protection for exposed conveyors or machines and are suitable for use with virtually all industry sectors. 3 pole contact blocks provide positively operated switch contacts.

Designed with a special lid safety trip mechanism means that the safety contacts will open if the lid is removed from the Emergency Stop Switch adding an extra level of protection. Button protection shroud version available with padlock holes for "Lock Off" in maintenance situations.

  • Plastic bodies (IP67) or Stainless Steel 316 (IP69K).
  • Conformance to ISO13850, EN60947-5-1 and EN60947-5-5.
  • 3 pole contact blocks provide positively operated switch contacts.

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