Monarch Automation Announces its Partnership with QC Industries
QC Industries offers a full range of low
profile belt and automation conveyors
QC Industries specializes in manufacturing low profile, belt conveyors and custom conveyor systems, including magnetic and corrosion resistant varieties, for all industries and applications — most of their products are less than 2” tall — whose size makes them ideal for integrating with almost any machine. 
Automation Series conveyors feature rigid aluminum frames, while the versatile Industrial Series line of conveyors are manufactured with rugged steel frames. QC Industries' Sanitary Series feature stainless steel frames, perfect for sanitary or food grade applications.
Automation Series
The ultimate user friendly conveyor
QC Industries’ Automation Series Conveyors are the ultimate “user-friendly” conveyor. Hi-tech features like Pivot™ rotatable drives, Tension Release™ tool-less belt changes, and a moveable center drive were designed to make your job easier and give you more time to focus on things other than conveyors. These automated conveyors have been designed from the ground up with performance and versatility in mind.
  • AS40 End Drive Conveyor’s rigid aluminum frame featuring tee slots for rapid accessory mounting.
  • AS65 Center Drive Conveyors keeps ends clear for integrating with other machinery.
  • AS40Z Angled Frame Conveyors for elevating and lowering products.

Industrial Series
Wide range of solutions

QC Industries’ Industrial Series conveyors provide a wide range of solutions for any application including indexing, plastic chain, embedded drive, and heavy load carrying capacities. These conveyors have been designed for rugged and demanding environments.
  • 125 Industrial Belt for heavier loads.
  • InnerDrive Embedded Drive Conveyors with an internal 24v DC motor.
  • Flextrac Plastic Chain Conveyors allows for heavier loads, higher speeds, and longer conveyors.
  • 300 Precision Indexing Conveyors precisely place parts with an accuracy of +/-.015”.
  • 400 Heavy Duty Conveyors haul heavy loads long distances.

Sanitary Series
Easy to disassemble for cleaning

QC Industries' Sanitary Series conveyors feature a sanitary design or handling all types of applications including food products, pharmaceutical, medical, clean rooms and more. They offer a variety of options designed to fit your unique application.

HydroClean Sanitary Conveyors designed for easy cleaning in food, pharmaceutical and washdown environments.

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