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Throughout my career, I’ve championed the perspectives and the voice of real people - patients and families that confront complex and foreign systems that, at times, seem to be set up for the benefit of every other actor but them. The NIH study was an eye-opening and infuriating read as I reflect on my past year of conversation and learning with thought leaders and community leaders about health equity. Not only do we continue to accept inequity in our design and delivery of health care, that neglect has both a health and an economic impact that is disproportionately holding back communities of color and those with disabilities. The resources exist to identify what matters to those individuals and communities, and to prioritize those things in the design and delivery of care. Those in government and at the highest level of purchaser power have an obligation to prioritize the expertise of lived experience and to empower those voices to sit at the C-suite table to educate and hold all of us accountable to take the right action. Until the money is directed toward what matters to the patient, we can’t have equity or value.

Patient Engagement & Experience Data: Missing Ingredients For CMS’ Successful IRA Implementation

Last month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released initial guidance regarding implementation of the Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Program (DPNP) to determine the maximum fair price (MFP) for certain drugs.

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NIH-funded study highlights the financial toll of health disparities in the United States

Ground-breaking study provides national and state-level estimates of the economic burden of health disparities by race and ethnicity and educational levels.

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The DeSci Movement: Will Crypto Really Solve Science's Biggest Problems?

An inefficient peer review process, the fact that renting a research paper for 48 hours can cost over $30, and the fact that scientists are spending more time applying for research grants than actually doing science are only some of the consequences of the greater problem of mismatched incentives among scientific research institutions around the world.

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Moving From Incremental To Transformational Strategies To Address Health-Related Social Needs

In 2017, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) launched the Accountable Health Communities (AHC) Model to test the impact of screening and referrals for health-related social service needs on key outcomes including health care spending and avoidable use of medical services.

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Health Equity and Decentralized Trials

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in unprecedented challenges to clinical research activities, including more than 1100 trials being stopped per month during peak periods of global spread.

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Passion + Quality = Change That Matters

I embrace the powerful opportunities in our evolving health care landscape. I founded Momentum Health Strategies to be a catalyst for change through continuous learning, diverse engagement and thoughtful policy and practice initiatives. I deliver innovative, strategic thinking and a passion for improving the patient experience. My personal drive and dedication to high-quality results will help you navigate the competitive terrain you face and convert your vision to action.

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