Moisture Control in Concrete...Check the Label

Due to our role in continuing education for specifiers, we often receive news and reviews about architectural products. Last week, we received a technical bulletin published by Taylor, the leading US manufacturer of adhesives for the floor-covering industry. The bulletin outlined the topic of moisture control in flooring and the company’s perspective on adhesive failures, explaining that:

  • When properly applied, most moisture control products will reduce Moisture Vapor Emission Rates (MVER).
  • However, with respect to moisture control concrete admixture, Taylor has witnessed several cases where chemicals from the admixture leached to the surface of the slab and attacked both the adhesive and the flooring.
  • The chemicals used in moisture-control concrete admixtures vary based on the manufacturer, and, therefore can lead to unknown results.
  • Based on these experiences, Taylor performed extensive internal testing over slabs with the ISE Logik Industries moisture-vapor-reduction concrete admixture MVRA 900.
  • The results were so positive that Taylor published: “We recommend and warranty all solvent free Taylor adhesives over slabs with the MVRA 900 concrete admix when used per Taylor instructions.”

In our years of working with designers and specifiers, we know that moisture control in flooring is a priority. And, choosing a moisture-control solution shouldn’t introduce another issue.
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