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Robotunits Modular Automation Systems

The key element of Robotunits is their unique fastenting and extrusion technology, available in 40mm and 50mm size systems, which are fully compatible with each other and all other components.

Gibson Engineering's Extrusion Center  provides complete services including 
  design, cutting, kitting and assembly .


  • Worldwide unique play-free, accurate and centrally aligned fastening technology
  • Fastening without drilling and milling
  • Two-sided connection with on fastener
  • Extra large 14mm slot
  • Concave extrusion surfaces
  • Tubular honeycomb structure 


  • Maximum positioning consistency
  • Short design and assembly time
  • Strength comparable to welded connections
  • Massive drop-in nuts, guaranteed screw-in depth
  • Lifelong vibration safety through concave extrusion surface
  • Outstanding torsion and load resistance 

SICK PS30 Pattern Sensor

The PS30 pattern sensor detects even complex patterns quickly and precisely. Based on the principle of operation of a line sensor, it delivers a stable switching signal - even at high object speeds.

PS30 offers the flexibility of a camera combined with rapid and precise object detection. Special 
position detection marks are no longer required 
  - the pattern alone tells the PS30 everything it needs to know .

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