Welcome to this Introductory Issue of our April Planet Blessed ezine.
Are you looking for a simple way to help make the world a better place? Help us Celebrate Earth Day all during the month of April with 30 EARTHisms to Bless the Earth. EARTHisms are dedicated to Loving, Blessing, Honoring, and Protecting Spaceship Earth. Taking the time to honor and bless Earth with positive intentions can help raise the individual and collective consciousness on our planet.
Each day in April we will introduce a new EARTHism. Like the 365 Mindful BLESSisms we publish daily and share on our many social media platforms, the first 26 EARTHisms are based on the letters of the alphabet with additional bonus ones to fill out the remaining days of the month.

We invite you to begin YOUR EARTHist journey by watching a 4.24 minute video that includes an introduction to the origin of EARTHisms.
Today's EARTHism is for the AIR! Taking a moment out of your day to honor and bless Planet Earth for the clean air she so lovingly provides is something you can easily do to make your personal biosphere a healthier, happier place! After you read and digest the Earthism below, we invite you to reflect on any insights that come to your mind or into your heart with the Journal and Meditation prompt we have provided.
I bless and am extraordinarily grateful for Mother Earth and the clean, fresh air all around me. What a beautiful sacred gift this is. I bless my breath and my body’s ability to breathe this clean, fresh air. I thank and bless the Divine Creator and the Spirit of the Earth for giving us all the beautiful things around us. Every time I see the blue sky, and breathe in the clean, fresh air, I am reminded how lucky I truly am. I am so happy and blessed that we have such a kind and generous friend in Mother Earth. With every breath, I let go of the old, and welcome in the new.
Planet Blessed is committed to promoting personal and planetary sustainability to help individuals and communities Sur-Thrive in challenging times. We also seek to help raise individual and collective consciousness through mindfulness, mindful successful living, positive psychology, and mindful blessings aka BLESSisms and EARTHisms.

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Leslie Riopel, MA Psychology
Examples of Featured Resource Providers for April
Inspiring worldwide cooperation and dramatic action to address the ecological crisis. The Living Earth Movement (LEM) was inspired by the legacy works of John B. Cobb, Jr. who just celebrated his 97th birthday launching the Living Earth Movement.

The 50th anniversary edition of IS IT TOO LATE? A Theology of Ecology published April 2021 is on sale for $4.83. Fifty years before Don't Look Up, John Cobb was sounding the climate change alarm and offering creative solutions.
IS IT TOO LATE? is one of 50+ books Dr. Cobb has written. The Living Earth Movement will be releasing 2 new books that will help introduce the LEM mission, invite collaboration by like-minded individuals and organizations and provide opportunities for participation.
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