HOPENNESS is today's BLESSism for Stress, Anxiety and PTSD!

We can remain open and hopeful, even in difficult and challenging times. We call this “hopenness”. Learning how to be hopeful in difficult times is an ongoing challenge for everyone. Maintaining a sense of hopenness even during challenging times can help you grow as a person and find that source of inspiration within which is what this Blessism is all about.

BLESSisms challenge you to find the blessing within the life lesson or pain, which transforms them into BLESSisms, which is another reason why we love them so much. Blessisms help you acknowledge, bless, and accept your present life circumstances in a beautiful, yet simple way. Accepting and acknowledging where you are on the path of life, can help you move through difficult circumstances in a much healthier way.

"Hope creates a space for the infinite power of love to rush in and immerse us in possibilities."-- Harold W. Becker, The Love Foundation

Featured Book This Month

The book is a comprehensive program comprised of 21 Mindful Sur-Thrival exercises to help you transform stress, anxiety and pain into peace, tranquility and stillness. With these simple heart-warming exercises, you can learn how to turn down the stress response and tune into the relaxation response. Each exercise also has an affirmation to help you Sur-Thrive in a challenging world. The content is also a course.
Book 1 in the series of 12 on Mindful Blessisms features resources for Blessing the Mess and Sur-Thriving. Click Here for the page with a recap of all 31 with links to the daily January newsletters
Book 2 in the series of Mindful Blessisms provides positive uplifting intentions for Love, Relationships, and Forgiveness. Click Here for all 28 and inks to the daily February newsletters
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