Cases can be linked to clusters. Corona virus outbreaks have been traced to funerals, fast food restaurants, cruise ships and Navy vessels. Most of the biggest known clusters have been in nursing homes, food processing plants and correctional facilities, all places where people are packed in close quarters with little opportunity for social distancing.

For everyone, losses are piling up — loss of lives, jobs, business, health, homes, gatherings, loneliness and feeling the grief of many. Whatever life situations existed for us before have not gone away, but have changed. These are the current stressful conditions we are living with, and experiencing. We are all coping in our own way.

  1. Quaranteammate - instead of husband or wife
  2. Twindemic - Flu and Pandemic

Additional Problems and the Pandemic
Covid Deaths in US nearing 183,000
Uninsured virus patients
Testing methods
Misinformation about the virus
Mishandling of the the pandemic
Global Warming
Worldly unrest, violence and illness
Protesting and Looting in the USA
Racial tension
Children and college students back to school
Children's and students immunity ?
Hurricane Laura
Wildfires, Tornadoes
Power Outages
Removal of Statues
Salmonella in Onions
Economic disaster for businesses
Businesses cutting thousands of employees
Rise of Heart disease.
Homicides and Suicides
Post Office Problems, Postmen dying
Police Brutality, Police De-funding
Conventions and the Election
The President advertising Goya beans
Voting issues - allowing all to vote
Mail-In Ballots - will this work?
Officials in Office - stealing funds
Political Liars
Prestigious men - abusers of women
Boy Scouts - abusers of boys
Sports Teams postponing or deciding not to play

There may be more. They keep bubbling up. These topics are newsworthy affecting our emotions and our hearts. Is it any surprise we are working on our HEART CHAKRA - the energy center of our hearts and lungs?