Volume XIII | Summer 2023
New Greenspace Project Completed: Improving sight lines with native plants

Millersville at Fall Creek Valley, Inc was awarded an $8500 grant from the 2023 CITY OF INDIANAPOLIS NEIGHBORHOOD GRANT PROGRAM. This award is administered by Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center, with funding from the City of Indianapolis through an American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Allocation. Our grant request primarily focused on the reclamation and beautification of the overgrown hillsides on each side of the Emerson Way bridge along the Fall Creek trail at Fall Creek Parkway N Dr.

We partnered with Indy Land Stewardship, the Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District, and Holeman Landscaping to remove and control the invasive trees and shrubs that were blocking Fall Creek trail access paths, Emerson Way bridge sidewalks, and traffic sight lines. Then we planted a mix of prairie grasses and wildflowers to prevent erosion and invasive vegetation regrowth.

We now have a much safer intersection for drivers and clear sidewalks for safer pedestrian use in this area. 

Millersville volunteers along with Marion County Soil and Water Conservation and Holeman Landscaping, with funding from Millersville at Fall Creek Valley and supplies from Circle City Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA), will maintain the site to prevent invasive regrowth and ensure successful prairie establishment.

We're looking forward to beautiful prairie grasses and flowers on these hillsides in the future.
Interested in the water quality of Fall Creek?
Marion County Soil and Water Grant Application
Marion County SWCD is applying for implementation funds for the recently approved Lower Fall Creek WMP update.

A large portion of the grant fund application focuses on a cost share program for homeowners to implement rain gardens and bioswales on private property. These native plantings treat stormwater, support pollinators, and are a key strategy for improving the water quality of Lower Fall Creek. See their website for more information about these practices.

Marion County SWCD would like to include the name and addresses of potentially interested homeowners in their grant application due 9/1This doesn't obligate homeowners to program participation but will help show IDEM there would be support for such a program if funded. Neighbors who are interested in rain gardens can respond to either the Millersville email with their name and address or to Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District at marioncountyswcd@iaswcd.org. Thanks for your support of the SWCD and this initiative!

Birds of Prey LIVE!
Millersville neighbors listened to Birds of Prey expert Mark Booth, Director of Take Flight! Wildlife Education Center, share his vast knowledge of these fascinating creatures! Focusing on the importance of biodiversity, we learned that the more species living in one area means a healthier environment for all.

When you see the great birds flying in the sky, did you know that hawks soar and falcons dive? Did you know that a falcon can spot its prey from nearly 300 yards and dive at speeds close to 200 mph? We learned this from Mark!

In our efforts to get smarter, we also learned that the owl isn't a very smart creature compared to its other birds of prey counterparts - it's so good at being an owl, with the sharpest night vision and best hearing, that it's adapted so it doesn't have to be that smart to survive!

Many thanks to Millersville Board member Sheila Roumpf for bringing this interesting event to our community.
Millersville Community Events

Join our dedicated neighbors for our monthly litter cleanup! Our community is better because of invaluable community members like you. We meet every third Saturday of the month - we have trash bags for you!

Contact program lead Phyllis Starks at starksphyllis@yahoo.com or visit our website for more information.
Millersville Business Village
We thrive with community partnerships!
We are stronger together! Millersville at Fall Creek Valley offers a heartfelt and hardy thank you to Lincoln Square restaurant for sponsoring our Quick Hitter Litter Cleanups. With a generous donation to support community health and safety, Lincoln Square hosts the Quick Hitter Litter Cleanups every month. Coffee and pastries for volunteers!

Thank you, Lincoln Square!
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