January 2021
Update on Plastic Bags and Film
It’s been 18 months since plastic film was banned from the single stream.

In January 2020, 12.4% of single stream loads contained over 5% of bags. As of June 2020, loads containing over 5% of bags had dropped to 7.3%. In December, loads containing over 5% of bags had further dropped to 5.7%. Commercial and multi-housing sources appear to continue to be the biggest challenge.

We are happy to share these numbers, particularly with the ongoing use of plastic bags by retailers during the COVID pandemic. Although it’s been a challenge to get bags out of the single stream, the numbers tell the story and our hauler customers continue to reduce the volume of bags in their single stream loads.

Thank you for your efforts in educating your customers. Let’s continue to keep the trend rolling in the right direction!
Vehicle Rotors = Problem Material
In December, we sent a notice to our customers regarding the growing issue of vehicle rotors in the single stream.

These heavy rotors cause serious damage to our equipment and increase processing costs. We have noticed a decline in the amount coming in; instead of a few per day we are now seeing a few per week!

We have also noticed a shift in size. The large truck-sized ones are no longer coming in, mostly just car-sized.

Thank you for your help getting these out to keep costs down, please continue to help us watch out for these.
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