The Dangers of Needles
Millennium has a Zero Tolerance Waste policy when it comes to dangerous items like needles. This helps protect our team members from the huge risk of sharps injuries. New research estimates that hundreds, if not well over a thousand, of MRF workers are injured by needles annually.

This comes as no surprise to us, we see needles come in at least once a week if not daily. It's only with your help and continued education of the community and your customers that we can promote safe needle disposal.

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Staying Safe at Millennium
It's important to follow Millennium's safety rules, but it's also very important to follow general truck safety and make sure drivers are well traine d. We've been seeing drivers under the gates of their packer trucks. This is extremely dangerous.

It is CRITICAL to stay safe when at or around Millennium's facility. We have created safety guidelines for employees, drivers and customers to follow to make sure everyone makes it home safely to their families.
Glass in the Single Stream
Many customers have been asking for clarification on glass in the single stream. Let's review some of these questions:

How much glass is allowed?
If excessive glass is in the load (over 20% by weight), there will be a adjustment applied. If over half of the load is glass (51% or more), the entire load will now be classified as Glass (Please note: this update has been made in the policy - See Full Policy Here).

How do you determine the percentage?
Each load is examined by Millennium staff when it is unloaded. Excessive glass is easily detectable both visually and audibly. When a load contains glass, an experienced staff member will estimate a percentage and notify the administrative staff, who then reviews the estimation and determines if it qualifies as an adjustment or not.

Why are there fees for glass?
Glass recycling is a service we provide our customers. As a lower valued commodity with higher transportation and handling costs, it can be a challenging material. Like any other challenging material, we must cover the costs of processing.

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Batteries can cause fires when they get crushed in transit or when they're dumped.

Keep your drivers and our employees safe and make sure they stay out of the bin!
Our simple  waste audit  can help reduce contamination and increase your recycling rate. Contact us to schedule an on-location waste audit with your commercial customers. 

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