JULY 2018
In the midst of tough commodity markets that demand higher-quality material, contamination is one of the biggest challenges we face in the recycling industry.

To combat contamination, education is key. But not just any education will do. As service providers, it's important to use the same simple and consistent message across the community.

  • Use Consistent Communication
  • Direct Questions to Millennium
  • Emphasize the Value of Recycling
Businesses opt-out of single stream recycling for many different reasons - For years they've been doing just trash or cardboard, and making a change has never made it to their agenda.

That's where service providers come in.
If you have potential single stream or cardboard recycling customers, we're here to help! We offer free  waste audits  to identify recyclable materials and help haulers provide a solution for any recyclable materials we identify.
We often get the question, "What numbers can be recycled in the Single Stream?" If you are hearing this question as well, let us help you answer it!

The numbers were not created to tell the general public whether something is recyclable and actually do not have anything to do with recycling. Instead of going by numbers or symbols, we use the terms Bottles, Tubs and Jugs, which may or may not include plastic numbers.
Batteries can cause fires when they get crushed in transit or when they're dumped.

Keep your drivers and our employees safe and make sure they stay out of the bin!
Our simple  waste audit  can help reduce contamination and increase your recycling rate. Contact us to schedule an on-location waste audit with your commercial customers. 

Get quick access to hauler educational tools, guidelines and resources all in one place. 
"On the Line" is our quarterly newsletter meant to keep you informed on current events at our facility, in our community and in the recycling industry. If you want to hear about a topic or have a question you want us to answer, please let us know! We look forward to keeping you updated, thanks for your continued partnership as a Millennium Recycling customer.