APRIL 2019
Celebrating 20 Years: THANK YOU!
As we celebrate twenty years serving the recycling needs of
our community and beyond, we say “Thank You!”

We would not be here without our loyal customers and friends
who have supported us along the way. With your help, we’ve 
kept 868,651 Tons out of the landfill since we began in 1999!

As we enter our third decade, we pledge to continue serving you with responsible, transparent and efficient recycling solutions today and for future generations to come.
Happy Earth Week! Why is Recycling Still Important?
Challenges in the recycling industry have left some wondering – why even do it?

With a recent onslaught of negative stories in the media, we wanted to take a moment to reassure you that no, recycling is not doomed.

To celebrate Earth Week, let's review the current challenges in the industry, how we're tackling them, and why recycling is still so important:

Stop Dreaming. Start Innovating.
The First National Bank in Sioux Falls selected Millennium to be featured in their Stop Dreaming Start Doing campaign. We are honored to have been selected and are happy to share the final product with you!

The crew from Passenger Productions came to Millennium and SEAM to interview CEO Jake Anderson and develop a short micro-documentary to showcase how we are living out the Stop Dreaming Start Doing mindset locally (or in our case Stop Dreaming Start Innovating).

The video focuses on how the company came to be and how it has evolved with an emphasis on the importance of team work. According to Jake, "One person can’t run a business himself or herself, but it takes a number of really good people that are willing or buy into the same vision.”

See the spots on our blog, the FNBSF website, social media and even on TV!
MARKET ALERT: Suppressed Markets
Due to high material inventory, low finished goods orders, and a fire at a Midwest mil l, t he markets may go down again next month. Prices are sitting at lows not seen since May 2009.
QUALITY ALERT: Spring Cleaning
It's that time of year when people are emptying out their garages and sheds. Be on the lookout for non-recyclable "junk" and help your customers understand they can't just toss it all in! Check out the Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning Disposal and feel free to share with your customers:
Our simple  waste audit  can help reduce contamination and increase your recycling rate. Contact us to schedule an on-location waste audit with your commercial customers. 

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"On the Line" is our quarterly newsletter meant to keep you informed on current events at our facility, in our community and in the recycling industry. If you want to hear about a topic or have a question you want us to answer, please let us know! We look forward to keeping you updated, thanks for your continued partnership as a Millennium Recycling customer.