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“Educate students with learning challenges, so they become confident, productive twenty-first-century learners.” - MileStone Academy's Vision Statement.

Since 2015, this vision has guided us in creating an environment where students become confident in their learning abilities. To ensure they are ready for life after high school, we not only teach academic courses, we coach our students on how to be resilient, responsible, and perseverant. We are presented with opportunities to demonstrate these critical life skills daily.

Students make decisions every day - what to wear to school, complete an assignment on time, and what to bring for lunch. These decisions do not have life-altering consequences, but others they make can alter their life path forever. By helping them make good decisions with the small stuff, we hope they will think about the consequences of all their choices and understand they are responsible for them. RESPONSIBILITY.

April’s newsletter will share the most recent MileStone Happenings and provide you with important educational tips and resources.

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PS: Yearbook pictures by Michele Bee Photography coming soon! Stay turned!
April 2022 News & Updates
Classroom News
In late March 2022, representatives from Pennsylvania’s PA CareerLink, came to MileStone Academy to speak with our students. Programming like this is an important part of our Job Readiness Initiative on campus. Staff and students were blown away by the professionalism of the presentation and the services CareerLink provides. 
Educational Tips & Resources
Check these great job search tips and advice for Pennsylvania teens. It is important to take time to decide what you want to do. You may not have experience, there are a variety of positions available for teens. Read More.
Today’s math is designed to help your child compete and thrive in a rapidly changing world—academically, professionally, financially, and socially. Math is also essential to making good decisions in daily life—whether applying for financial aid, comparing mortgage rates, or planning for retirement. Read how you can help your child with today's math.
Happenings at MileStone Academy
REMINDER: MileStone Academy will go virtual the week after Spring Break. We will follow our virtual schedule, which can be found on GradeLink and in the Advisory Classroom in Google Education.
UPDATE: As you may recall, we were planning a school trip to Baltimore; we raised money and had a list of places we wanted to visit. Here are some updates about our future plans. Learn More.
Upcoming Events
Save the Date!

Join MileStone Academy on April 23 and April 24, 2022 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

FREE Dental and Eye Care. No insurance required and no appointment necessary.

Please help share this event by posting it to your social media and texting your family, friends, and neighbors.

Community Outreach
Donate, Take Action, Stay Informed
MileStone Academy supports the efforts of our local Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center. Many of us are looking to find ways to do our part in helping Ukrainian citizens right now. While we might not have the power to enforce sanctions or freeze Russia’s foreign assets, there are still some impactful things we can do. Here are three recommendations from Global Citizen to help make a difference.
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