February 15, 2021
MileStone Academy's
February 2021 News & Updates
Hi Everyone,

Happy Black History Month!

Black History Month is an annual observance originating in the United States, where it is also known as African-American History Month.

Our February newsletter will address:

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Black History Month is celebrated from
February 1 to February 28 or 29 of each year.
Celebrate Black History Month virtually with MileStone Academy.
Have you ever realized how your body and mind respond to hearing good news? Well, Milestone decided to give you an extra dose of health and wellness at least once a week!
Here's some quick updates about MSA Students:
The purpose of the 13TH Year MileStone Academy Certification Program is to empower recent high school graduates with social, economic, and continued education.

13TH Year’s mission is to help recent high school graduates prepare for real world experiences and challenges before or while heading to college, technical school and workforce.
MileStone’s 2020 - 2021 course description is available to download or click here to view online.
Becoming a teacher?
Are you drawn to the classroom?
Retired teacher, Susan Good, helps you navigate making a decision, getting certified, and find employment.
Inauguration Day 2021
On Inauguration Day 2021, MileStone Academy students witnessed history as the school paused to watch the inaugural ceremonies.

In English classes, we examined and reflected upon the 2021 inaugural poem, “The Hill We Climb,” by Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman. Students did a beautiful job of expressing their thoughts about the poem and sharing how it made them feel. Some of their thoughtful insights are found here:
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