March 15, 2022
MileStone Academy's
March 2022 News & Updates
Greetings Dear Friend,

Welcome to MileStone Academy's March 2022 Newsletter!

Welcome to MileStone Academy’s March 2022 Newsletter. 

Women’s History Month is an opportunity to recognize women’s contributions to history, society, and culture.

Women have come a long way but we have so far to go. I look forward to the day when there are no more first for women and their achievements are talked about everyday not relegated to one month.  

Not only do we celebrate the women trailblazers but we want to thank all the incredible women in our MileStone Community - our parents, our staff and the many women who have supported us through the years.  

March’s newsletter will share the most recent MileStone Happenings and provide you with important educational tips and resources.

Thank you staying connected with MileStone Academy.

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Michele Hewitt-Webster
Executive Director/Founder/Board Member
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Happenings at MileStone Academy
Please remember that MileStone Academy will be closed to students and staff on Friday, March 18, 2022. School will open on Monday, March 21, 2022. Call our main office with questions (215) 663-1160.
Effective March 7, 2022, MileStone Academy will be a mask optional school. We strongly suggest those who are not fully vaccinated and boosted continue to wear a mask while in the building. Learn more.
Classroom News
MileStone Academy’s STEM Teacher, Ms. Sheila Appel, has been teaching MileStone students how to apply the engineering design process to develop slow ball runs. Our STEM class has entered to compete in the 2022 Fluor Engineering Challenge for K-12 Students! This competition is a wonderful chance for MileStone’s STEM class to earn $1,000 for our school! 
Educational Tips & Resources
Overwhelmed to Overcome...
As COVID-19 vaccination rates rise and communities return to pre-pandemic lifestyles, many people are experiencing some anxiety or hesitancy about returning to old routines. Maybe you’re feeling uncertain about what your post-pandemic social life will look like, or you’re worried about not knowing who is or isn’t vaccinated as mask mandates come to an end. None of us have been through a global pandemic before, so it’s completely understandable to have some anxiety about this shift. Read more.
If you are like a lot of young people, running your own business is a career dream. However, it is no secret that doing so is difficult as many businesses fail within a few years of opening. One of the most common causes of failure is not having enough capital to cover expenses before reaching self-sustainability. Continue Reading
Upcoming Events
Free Dental and Eye Care at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on April 23 and 24, 2022. No insurance required and no appointment necessary.
Monday, March 28 at 12:00PM. The goal of this video conference is to engage parents and caregivers of young children with autism spectrum disorders. Click here to register.
Community Outreach
Donate, Take Action, Stay Informed
MileStone Academy supports the efforts of our local Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center. Many of us are looking to find ways to do our part in helping Ukrainian citizens right now. While we might not have the power to enforce sanctions or freeze Russia’s foreign assets, there are still some impactful things we can do. Here are three recommendations from Global Citizen to help make a difference.
Support MileStone Academy
Donate now to support your community’s students! MileStone Academy is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit that relies on the charitable support students with learning challenges and learning disabilities. We are so excited to offer various ways to support MileStone Academy! Our products include accessories, shirts, and even gift cards. Click here to get started.
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