November 15, 2020
MileStone Academy's
November 2020 News & Updates
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We are still accepting enrollment applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Schedule a tour of MileStone Academy. Come get to know us and all the magic we create everyday.

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Michele Hewitt-Webster
Executive Director
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Learn more about student interactions, projects,
and thoughts about learning during COVID-19.
Resolutions and Resources for COVID-19 in the MileStone Classroom

Here's some quick updates about MSA Students:
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MileStoneโ€™s 2020 - 2021 course description is available to download or click here to view online.

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With your support our students will Flourish to reach their full potential. We cannot succeed if a child is hungry or worried about when they may eat next.

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Want to see what a MileStone Academy looks like and how our custom-made education works?

Schedule a private tour with our Admission Director. You will be able to look inside classrooms, hear from our students and staff, and feel what MileStone Academy could look like for your child.

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๐Ÿ“ 9th - 12th grade
๐Ÿ“ Co-Educational
๐Ÿ“ Special Focus On Students With Learning Disabilities
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