The early Roman calendar designated March 1st as the New Year. So, let's treat this time as the beginning of a new year by renewing our love and gratitude to our parents. They are our roots, and without them we wouldn't have grown up to be the radiant people that we are!

Sharing love for their family this month:
  • Jay Green and his daughters
  • Goldie celebrates with his family
  • Hoffman family gathering in Dublin
  • Mother's Day Top tip to say I love you
Thank you to all parents out there, from the Hoffman Team. 

Taking the drama out of a crisis


Jay and Stella Green
Jay Green's teaching career began in a classroom in Surrey in 1989. Now he's the Director of Drama at Brighton College, East Sussex and in this interview he reflects on how doing the Hoffman Process in 2013 has affected work and family dynamics - with a little help from his teenage daughter, Stella. 

'When my own daughters are caught in the present to the detriment of perspective and general happiness, I find it helps to encourage them look back at what's gone before and forwards to what will surely follow. I've noticed this transition usually involves a cup of tea or occasionally chocolate.'

Click here to read Jay's interview and his top tips on dealing with teens.

Goldie's golden moment


We were thrilled to see photos of Hoffman graduate Goldie with his wife and daughters at Buckingham Palace this week. Goldie was awarded an MBE by Prince Charles for services to the music industry and to young people.

Goldie attended the service and later posted photos to his official Facebook page saying; "It's a bit of a shocker but a very, very beautiful thing to happen. I think it also stands for what you can achieve - anything really." We're delighted to see all of Goldie's hard work - including significant charity work with inner-city children - officially recognised. 
Musician, actor and artist Goldie did the Hoffman Process in 2005 and has since spoken publicly about the difference it made to his life;

"I did the Process because I was a very angry, egotistical and arrogant young man. My anger could reach catastrophic proportions but now I have the tools to harness it and I am humble about who I am. Hoffman really helps you get a sense of balance about life and not only do you benefit, but those around you do too. I'm doing things I never thought I could do before."

You can read Goldie talking about how Hoffman changed his life here.


Hoffman family in Dublin 


Hoffman Supervising teacher Jeremy Kynaston (pictured here with his son Mischa) will be leading a Graduate Support Evening and Information Evening, this month in Dublin. 

Date:  Tuesday March 22nd 
Venue:  Brooks Hotel, Drury Street, Dublin
Overall times:  6-9pm

The  Graduate Support Session runs from 6pm until 7pm. It'll enable you to revisit tools and practices, reconnect to the Process energy and have a little fun with other Hoffman grads. While this session is free, numbers are limited, so please  email Jeremy  to book a place.

The  Information Evening  runs  from 7.30pm until about 9pm. Invite friends and/or family to come along and find out more about the Process. Or come along to both sessions and make it a really lovely Hoffman evening out! See website for more details. 
Jeremy was recently interviewed on Tipp FM radio and featured in the Irish Independent talking about Hoffman. You can hear the radio interview here   and read the feature here .
Hoffman graduate events

Come to Closure: Thursday 10 March
Re-experience the Closure visualisation, see some of the teachers and celebrate with new Hoffman Graduates.
Venue: Florence House, Seaford                         
Next dates:  Thursday 31 March, Florence House. 

London Support Evening: Saturday 19 March
The London Support Group this month will look at our Dark Side amongst other tools. We will have paper and pens and all you need to do is turn up with your shoe ready to beat that dark side and take back your life. Let's shout and dance it out! 
Venue: Battersea Yoga Centre, Battersea, London SW11 4TA
Time: 6.30-8.30pm (Doors open at 6pm - session starts at 6.30pm) 
Graduate Support Call Support Call: Wednesday 16 March  
Connection and Belonging
A connection to others happens when you're truly connected to yourself; This call will allow you to  explore the stories you make up about yourself and the patterns that get in the way of deep connection.
Time: 7.30-8.45pm
Next call: Wednesday 12 April 
Reconnection Day: Saturday 9 April
Remember the intensity of that post-Process glow? Here's your chance to top it up. Rekindle your vision, clarify your direction and remind yourself how the Hoffman tools can be used on a daily basis. You are welcome to attend on your own or you can invite a Hoffman Buddy at the special discounted rate of £160 for both of you, (normally £90pp).
Time: 10.00am - 5.30pm 
Venue: Violet Hill Studios, Violet Hill, London NW8 9EB
The Hoffman JournalThe Hoffman Post Process Journal
A handy journal that provides you with a reminder of the Hoffman tools and techniques 365 days of the year. Start any time and keep Hoffman with you by your side.
Hoffman App The Hoffman App
If you struggle to think of the tools, let alone use them the Hoffman App could be just the thing you need. Have fun with all the tools on offer, including a Wiffle bat for a bit of energetic release! Available for iphone and android.  
Questions? please call 01903 889990 or  email us 

Other Hoffman events to tell your friends

Information Phone In Information Phone-In:  
Tuesday 8 March 
Information Evenings
London Information Evening: 
Tuesday 15 March
7.30pm-9.30pm. Regent's University, London NW1 4NS
More Info 
Information Evenings
Dublin Information Evening: 
Tuesday 22 March 
7.30pm-9.30pm. Brooks Hotel, Dublin

Introduction Day: 
Saturday 21 May, London   

Next Process Dates:
March 5-11 , Florence House*
March 26-April 1, Florence House  
Apr 16-22, Florence House
Apr 30-May 6, Florence House
* Full - wait list in operation. 
These events are a great way to share your Process experience with a friend. Or come along and support those interested in hearing more.  Any questions? 
call 01903 889990 or email us

Hoffman Top Tip 


Mother goose with goslings In the UK, we celebrate Mothers' Day on Saturday 6th March. But you could also celebrate your mother today...

Close your eyes and form a clear picture of your mother in your mind. See her as she was when you were a child. Try to remember what she wore, how she moved, what her expressions were. See her in a place of joy and contentment; see her as her radiant self. 

Now try to keep those images of her with you during your day. Imagine her by your side, talking to you and sharing your day. She might call you by the name she called you when you were a child. Even at work, imagine her sitting near you as you work. You can probably ask her questions and she'll give you answers. How does it feel to have the connection to your mother now? Enjoy the gift that this woman has given you. 

Finally, take the opportunity to tell her you love her.

This top tip is taken from the Hoffman Graduate Journal, 365 days of useful reminders of the Hoffman tools and techniques, as well as fun and challenging tasks with intriguing ideas to continue your Process experience. Order your copy here.
Until next month...
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