Schooner American Eagle
Early Spring
photo courtesy of Tyler King
A Raft-Up with Reese Fulmer & The Carriage House Band
photos courtesy of: Reese Fulmer & The Carriage House Band
We are so thrilled to welcome Reese Fulmer & The Carriage House Band aboard for the June 10th to June 15th Windjammer Raft up! With a beautifully serene take on traditional and modern folk music the trio will be a welcome addition to our adventure with informal concerts throughout the week.
Offcuts & Tailings... Winter Projects more Galore!
After almost 40 years it was time to replace the Eagle's 250 gallon fuel tank. After removing the old tank, rendering a 3D Model of it to grasp the odd shape and sending the plans down to a tank manufacturer in New Jersey it finally came trundling down the driveway in the back of a big truck bearing all the stamps and signatures from the USCG it needs. It is now down into the schooner and fits very nicely with a few more tweaks the sole will be back down and it will be all back together nicely. Thank you Atlantic Coastal Welding for a job well done!
Right: Silas trimming down some of the new pine chocks to rest the new tank in
Left: After nine coats of Varnish (thank you Chlöe!!) the new gaff is all done and ready to get shipped back aboard the schooner!
And Now For Something Completely Different
Photo's courtesy of: Tyler King
Lobsters on the boil and a beautiful schooner to look at! Im sure quite a few of you can recognize where we are!
Above: I know this photo was in the last newsletter but its just so good I had to include it again! an unforgettable evening of small boat sailing and swimming in Woodenboat Harbor off the Eggemoggin Reach doing laps around the schooners in the waning evening light Below: A perfect Northerly to carry us down the reach with style!! Soaring along on the smooth waters of the upper parts of our cruising grounds is simply magical
A warm bowl of soup on a cool day warms you all the way through
Crew's News
Right:The flurry of activity continues! We had a nice clear day to get some varnish on the mastheads and paint on the cheese wheels. Below: After lots of head scratching the well for the new skiff is coming along nicely
From Beside the Wheelbox...
Well, spring has certainly started to sprung around the shipyard and it wont be long before the rest of the crew arrives, we bend on our sails and return to exploring our island home. I look forward to meeting and seeing you all again to continue this grand tradition, where life, skills, happiness and balance meet.
Photo courtesy of: C.Rideout
Shary and I are happy to answer any questions that may arise, either by phone, email or online!