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Monroe County Gigabit Project Yields Great Results
In 2017, the Project Team of Lewis Strategic, Dellicker Strategies and Business Information Group (BIG) issued a request for proposals in April seeking private-sector investments in local broadband.

Thanks to the dedication, passion and experience of Dellicker Strategies, the Monroe County Gigabit Project resulted in more aggressive pricing and multiple service upgrades.

President and CEO Kevin Dellicker explained, “The best way to make sure you can sustain a viable communications model is to pull your buying power and present yourself as a profitable target, and you can make it work,” he explained. He also commented “I think that we’re just beginning to see continued investments in Monroe County and similar projects like this all across the state. Read More
Pictured: Monroe County Gigabit Meeting at East Stroudsburg University
As we wrapped up the year-long Monroe County Gigabit Project, AcceleratePA held its inaugural Innovation Awards ceremony at East Stroudsburg University in January.

If you'd like to discuss a project idea or nominate someone for this year's awards, contact the Pennsyvlania Acceleration Project today!
We would like to thank the Monroe 2030 Action Team, Pocono Mountains Economic Development Corporation, East Stroudsburg University, and the ESU Center for Research and Economic Development.
Lewis Strategic Influencing Multiple Industries
'Guard the Guard' in Pennsylvania
What is PNGAS?
The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) is the only organization solely dedicated to fighting for the 19,600 members and more than 67,000 veterans of the Pennsylvania National Guard and their families. PNGAS activities help ensure the PNG is fully funded, manned, equipped, and trained to perform their mission and that PNG members and veterans have the benefits they have earned.
New advertising opportunities, both print and digital, available along with enhanced corporate and educational sponsorships.

Register to Attend or Be an Exhibitor at the 2018 Annual PNGAS Conference at the Lancaster Convention Center.
Here's what some people have to say about the Annual Conference experience .
LEWIS STRATEGIC bridges the gaps in communications and strategies between secondary and higher educators where presenting options to educate and help students as they navigate their post-high school and career paths. From partnering with colleges, universities, recruiters, companies looking to hire employees and do business with the Pennsylvania National Guard, Lewis Strategic reaches across all industries to form solid, mutually-beneficial relationships. We love a good win-win situation.
PNGAS Forms 2 New Advisory Councils
Business Advisory Council and
Education Advisory Council aimed at developing 'Guard-Friendly' standards in both business and higher education efforts.

PNGAS Continues Legislative Success
Over the past three (3) years, PNGAS has successively led efforts to restore the local tax exemption for active-duty pay, increase the Educational Assistance Program (“EAP”) from $12 million to $13 million and increase the DMVA state budget. The local tax exemption has saved members of the Guard more than $7.7 million, through June 30, 2018.
Youth Challenge Legislation Signed Into Law
In August 2017, PNGAS hosted an important legislative tour of the Maryland National Guard Youth ChalleNGe program to demonstrate this efficiently operating program to PA legislative leaders and staff.

PNGAS-led efforts resulted successful passage of the law to establish the Pennsylvania Youth ChalleNGe Program, making Pennsylvania the 29th state to adopt this successful program, which is executived and managed by our PA National Guard. The Youth ChalleNGe Program was established by the National Guard in 1993 to turn around the lives of young men and women between the ages of 16 and 18 who are experiencing difficulty in completing traditional high school. The program is free and is managed by each participating state/territory. 
So Who Are We, Anyway? Meet Our Team!
Meet Shelly
Shelly Lipscomb Echeverria joined Lewis Strategic in February 2018 as the Managing Director of the EquityFirst Coalition. She likes us so much she began helping us with new client development, research and outreawch. Her cheerful outlook on life makes everyone feel just groovy.

Shelly's first love is art. She's the illustrator of the children’s book  My Elephant-Sized Dream  , written by a college friend and inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Available on Amazon.com and other online resources, the children’s book is about a young girl who contemplates the importance of Dr. King’s speech.

Rebecca joined Lewis Strategic in 2016 and works in several different capacities. A former PA legislative reporter and Government Affairs manager, Rebecca still enjoys keeping up with what's happening inside the Capitol. With Lewis Strategic, she designs marketing content and campaigns, and also manages social media and web content. When she's not recharging her batteries, you can find Rebecca at a concert, walking her dogs, or volunteering with local community organizations. Preferrably, she'd be on a beach somewhere, with her nose in a book.

Meet Rebecca
Photo credit: Michelle Whitehead Photography
Meet Ceaera

Ceaera became a Lewis Strategic intern in 2014. After getting married in 2016, she hit the pause button on career plans, got married and began traveling the country. Ceaera's husband is in the Air Force and they've lived in Pensacola, Florida and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their beautiful baby girl Rose was born in 2017 and earlier this year they decided to move back to Pennsylvania.

Working remotely with the Lewis Strategic team at Lewis Strategic has allowed Ceaera to travel and take care of her family. When she's not working, you can find Ceaera speeding past you in various races and traveling with her family. Even their dog Jack gets to go along for the fun, since he's best friends with baby Rose.
Kelly Lewis is the President and CEO of Lewis Strategic. He previously lead the trade group for the technology industry in Pennsylvania. In 2012, Kelly formed Lewis Strategic. Along with experience of serving in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for four years (2000-2004) and as a former county controller, Kelly understands there's always cost savings opportunities to be explored in business. He has a passion for finding those savings and helping valuable organizations perform at their peak levels. When he's not working, you can probably find Kelly working on dips and squats, picking things up and putting them down, and riding his bicycle to interesting places.
Meet Kelly
Photo credit: Michelle Whitehead Photography
In Other Client News...
BeneCard PBF Disrupts PBM Market by Offering Full Pass Through of Rebates
President Trump Proposes PBMs Pass Through at Least 33% of Rebates; BeneCard PBF's Purely Transparent Model Offers 100% Pass-Through of All Drug Manufacturer Rebates

IAFF 4th District Caucus and Educational Conference
On behalf of BenecardPBF, Kelly Lewis attended the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) 4th District Caucus and Educational Conference in Pittsburgh in July.
Signature Diabetes Institute (SDI) Plans August 22 Launch in Bucks County, PA
The Signature Diabetes Institute (SDI) was established to bring together the Greater Philadelphia region's dynamic clinical endocrinologists, Alan Schorr, DO and Arvind Cavale, MD, along with dieticians Lesley Kelner and Natalia Berila to use the best practices of the Signature Diabetes Institute to reduce the human and financial costs of diabetes.
Increasing rapidly, diabetes already costs the metro Philadelphia region more than $4.1 Billion, annually. An organization with 1,000 lives has an annual diabetes cost of more than $1.1 million dollars, covering nearly 100 diabetics with 260 prediabetics. Unless diabetes is managed this plan is seeing 5 more diabetics every year and escalating human and financial costs. Diabetes is very disruptive to families and employers for appointments, absenteeism and increased hospital visits.

Organizations address the rising costs and impacts of diabetes by contracting SDI to maintain its total cost of diabetes. Through a thorough implementation plan and intake strategy, SDI immediately impacts organizational costs. SDI helps plan sponsors, trustees, directors and board members manage one of its fastest growing expenses.

Equity First Declares #CivilFundingWar in 2018
Twenty Years of Basic Education Funding in Pennsylvania...

(Equity First) June 14, 2018 - Even though the national recession started in December 2007, the last four-year term of Governor Edward G. Rendell was the high-water mark for budget increases in Basic Education funding in Pennsylvania. During...

Read more
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