We provide all food, lodging, tools, equipment, and project coordination, so your volunteer team can focus on serving the community.
It's only the 2nd week of January and Volunteer Teams have made a great impact already in Puerto Rico. Projects continue to move along in the wake of a major earthquake that hit the other side of the island on Tuesday. The CCI Facility is located in Fajardo, (see map) on the Northeast side of the island. Power went out and the generator kicked on and without skipping a beat our volunteer projects went on as scheduled by the end of the day!

Plenty more to do! Looking for volunteers--Enrolling now for March, Spring and Summer Projects.
Volunteer projects were not disrupted as Puerto Rico experienced a major earthquake early in their week. The volunteers participated in Coastal Habitat Cleanup, Hurricane Relief and Reforestation Maintenance.

January will be rounded out with over 40 volunteers from several other universities arriving to take over where these great volunteers left off.
St. Anselm College and University of Cincinnati rocked the hard hats and waders as they did multiple projects for the communities in Panama City!
University of Cincinnati states: " Wildlife preservation is something we are all very passionate about. So glad we got the opportunity to work with the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance!
A few words from University of North Texas: "We had such a great experience this past week getting to work with CCI, the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain (LTMCP) and Community Care Network. Thank you guys so much for everything you do. Everyone on our trip was inspired by our experiences this past week and we are truly grateful for that"

Our maiden voyage into the beautiful city of San Antonio was a remarkable journey. Volunteers from Grand Valley State University, Georgia Tech and University of California, Santa Barbara played an instrumental role in creating lifetime relationships with local partners to meet an array of needs for the San Antonio communities. We are excited to be continuing serving throughout the remainder of the winter break and spring break!
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