for Today's Hospice Care!
WHAT Is MicroLearning?
Short, small bursts of information that matter. What you need.

Relevant. Meaningful. Memorable.

More than just printed text. Sight. Sound. Graphics. Text. Movement. Music.
WHOM Can It Help?
Your patients' caregivers, family members, and circles of support. Local and long distance.

Your interdisciplinary teams, volunteers, support staff, and leaders.

Your donors, vendors, and community.
24/7. 365. Days. Nights. Weekends. Holidays. Changing time zones. Changing "ready-to-hear-it" acceptance modes.

In those many mini-moments between your team's visits. Now. Later. Again and again. And again.
Here. There. Anywhere. Everywhere that matters.

Local. Long distance, especially for those who don't "get" what's going on.

Pair "Where?" with "Who-What-When-How." Your microlearning resources help ALL family and friends "get it"--just in time--while there's time. From wherever they are.
With Composing Life's video libraries, ready for today's hospice families for ...
  • Family members in many locations
  • Everyday technology
  • Ways people find information
  • Hospice's Short Lengths of Stay
  • Quality Compliance requirements, standards, and clinical best practices for person-centered care
Our End-of-Life Care Mission.
Our Vision to Improve Care.
To help all involved cope, prepare, and give care. To recognize and tend many different needs. To call forth creative compassion.

To be more present: physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally, and spiritually. In the present and ahead.
Composing Life brands these microlearning resources to your organization, your website, and your patient care phone numbers with, "Caregivers, if you see big changes or unmet needs, call us. We're here for you!"
Be Ready When They're Ready
... with Composing Life's microlearning resources (aka video libraries and downloadable teaching handouts) , branded to your organization and ready 24/7 for whomever the person calls "family."
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