May 15, 2024

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From Struggle to Snuggles

Say hello to Shelby, a stunning three-year-old tabby with mesmerizing green eyes. Rescued from the Stockton Animal Shelter in late March, Shelby arrived with multiple health issues. She was battling an ear infection and upper respiratory infection, missing several teeth, and also suffering from severe stomatitis — a painful inflammatory disease that affects the mouth and gums.

But Shelby was a trooper! Despite her discomfort and uncertainty, she bravely endured weeks of treatment for her illnesses.

Once she was healthy enough, she went to our clinic for surgery, where Dr. Desai extracted her remaining teeth to treat the stomatitis and alleviate her pain.

Stunning Shelby 💛

After a few weeks of rest and recovery at our Adoption Center, Shelby emerged as a happy and healthy girl, now ready to find her forever home.

Today, Shelby is a loving companion who’s eager to bring joy to your life. While she may be a bit shy at first, she soon lets her guard down to reveal her affectionate side. She loves human attention — enjoying chin scratches and belly rubs, and expressing her love through gentle headbutts.

If you're searching for a loyal friend to fill your home with love, Shelby could be your perfect match. Visit our Adoption Center this weekend and welcome Shelby into your heart!

And if you'd like to help us rescue and treat more cats like Shelby, please consider making a donation. Together, we can make more happy endings possible.

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Luck of the Draw Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first-ever Luck of the Draw contest! It was a huge success, exceeding all expectations, and together, your donations brought in more than $16,000 to help save lives!

Custom portrait of Moomoo and Guai Guai

We received an impressive 212 photo entries, along with many $1 'votes' to propel them into the Top Ten. The photos were then transformed into artwork by some incredibly talented artists… and some cat-loving volunteers who like to draw. Thus the name, "Luck of the Draw"!

We're incredibly grateful to to all our artists and volunteers who dedicated their time and creativity to bring these photos to life! Be sure to visit the gallery to see all the photos and artwork. You’re guaranteed to be entertained!

View Gallery

If you submitted a photo but haven’t received your artwork, please reach out to us at

Where Are They Now?

When Val and his sister Cia (originally named Akatken and Cersei) came to Nine Lives in 2022, they faced many health issues. Val was particularly sick and had also been born with an underdeveloped, shortened front leg and missing toes, which made mobility difficult. Thankfully, Cia was always by his side to provide comfort and companionship.

Under the patient and loving care of their foster parents Helen and Æ, Val slowly gained confidence and adapted to his unique circumstances.

When the time came for them to be adopted, Æ couldn’t bear to say goodbye — so their foster home became their forever home!

Val and Cia in 2022

Fast forward to today, and Val and Cia are the center of Æ's world. Cia, the bold huntress, ensures the household remains spider-free and showcases her agility by catching treats mid-air. She's a communicative and engaged presence, always eager for attention and playtime. 

Val, on the other hand, is more reserved but deeply affectionate. He greets Æ at the door, adores tummy rubs, and enjoys observing wildlife from the comfort of the indoors. Though Val’s physical challenges persist, Æ has gone above and beyond to ensure every part of the house is safe and accessible for him.

Despite their differences, Val and Cia are inseparable. They spend their days grooming each other, playing together, and napping in a cozy pile of fur. They truly are the best of friends, and Æ couldn't be happier to have them in their life.

We're thrilled to see Val and Cia living their best lives and are truly grateful to Æ for giving them the loving home they deserve.

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Liam's Corner

Thank you for making our recent Mother's Day adoption event a tremendous success! Thanks to your support, we found loving homes for 32 cats and kittens in only four days. Every adoption represents a life saved and makes space for us to rescue even more!

Speaking of mothers, I'd like to introduce you to Queen Leslie and her precious kittens — Donna, Tom, April, and Ron — who were found abandoned on the streets of San Joaquin County, in dire condition.

When they arrived at Nine Lives, they were extremely sick, struggling to breathe, and faced a grim prognosis. While Leslie was doing her best to care for her babies, she needed our help. Our team stepped in to provide round-the-clock care, including daily fluids, medication, hand feeding, and constant observation from a dedicated foster parent.

Leslie, Donna, Tom, April, and Ron

Two weeks into their journey with us, their once grim prognosis has shifted. While there's still a tough road ahead — with Donna and April facing the possibility of losing both their eyes — we’ll support them every step of the way. Their resilience inspires us all, and we're determined to give them the fighting chance they deserve.

The "Parks and Rec" family ❤️

It's still the early stages of Kitten Season, and we've already rescued over 380 cats this year, including more than 150 kittens. However, our work is far from over, and we urgently need your support to continue saving lives like Leslie and her kittens.

Please consider making a donation today to support our life-saving programs. Ninety cents of every dollar donated directly funds these critical initiatives, ensuring that cats and kittens in need receive the care and support they deserve.

Donate to Save Lives

Thank you for your continued support of our mission. Let's save lives, together!

With gratitude,

Liam Montgomery

Executive Director, Nine Lives Foundation

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