June 9, 2021
Mews Flash:
Nine Lives, Roaring Strong!
The last six months have been a period of transition for Nine Lives Foundation. When Dr. Rudiger retired at the end of December, we faced the difficult challenge of figuring out how to keep Nine Lives going strong. But with so many cats and kittens needing help, we had to make it happen!

Since then, we've assembled an outstanding team of veterinarians, technicians, and assistants to help us continue our life-saving mission of rescuing at-risk cats and providing desperately needed spay and neuter services to the community. We've ramped up our rescue efforts, expanded our adoption hours, and are placing more and more cats in happy homes.

We can never replace Dr. Rudiger, but her legacy and vision for Nine Lives continues in our commitment to giving more cats a chance for a happy ending.

Over the next few weeks we'll be sharing some highlights from the first half of the year. These will include updates on staffing, our spay/neuter efforts, and of course, rescues and adoptions!

We are also setting a goal of raising $30,000 by July 1st to cover costs for medical equipment repairs (e.g., x-ray machine) and replacements (e.g., surgical light and dental machine). Your donations mean we can rescue more cats, provide life-saving treatment to more cats, and find loving, forever homes for more cats.

As we continue to grow, we are relying on the support of our Nine Lives community more than ever! Please consider supporting us with a recurring donation, which gives us stability and ensures that Nine Lives will be around for years to come.
Take Me Home Tonight!
Lady Gaga Edition
If you've visited the Smurf & Wanda Adoption Center, you've probably met Lady Gaga — she's the sweet black and white kitty with no tail that "bunny hops" to the door to greet visitors and wants all the attention! The reason she has no tail is that she is a Manx. Manx cats are a breed of domestic cats that are bred to have no tail or very short tails — but sometimes suffer from Manx Syndrome, a genetic mutation that causes spinal deformities and can lead to problems including difficulties with the hind legs, and fecal and urinary incontinence. (Sadly, many breeders euthanize kittens that are incontinent — yet another reason to adopt a rescue cat rather than buy from a breeder!)

Lady Gaga has spent over 2 years at Nine Lives. She has her own double-wide condo at the Adoption Center but whenever the volunteers are there we let her out to run around and be our official greeter. She is the sweetest cat and absolutely loves people! Unfortunately, Lady Gaga has fecal incontinence, but we give her a special diet and with our vinyl floors it's easy to clean up her little mistakes.

While she has a good life as a shelter cat and gets lots of love, it would be great for her to have her own home and family. Perhaps someone with a "catio" where she would be safe, but wouldn't make a mess on your nice rugs. Kitty diapers could also be an option. If you think you could offer Lady Gaga a loving home, please call us at (650) 368-1365.
Lady Gaga is a great example of Nine Lives' commitment to saving cats that might not otherwise have a chance. If you would like to support our mission, please donate so we can help many more cats like Lady Gaga!
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