February 2023

Metabolic Boost

Burn Calories rather than Store Calories

The perfect storm that leads to undesired weight gain is now an epidemic in this country

So much so that Novo Nordisk, the pharmaceutical company that makes Ozempic, is making billions of dollars as they prey on the millions of people in this country who have given up on themselves; believing they can not achieve their desired body composition/weight goals without toxic pharmaceuticals.

One-third of the population in the US is considered Obese.

 How can this be?

Unfortunately, our metabolism is dramatically impacted by so much, but the elephant in the room is that the predominant lifestyle found in the US population is 1) sedentary and 2) full of toxic, processed food which together challenge and negatively impact our health and weight goals.

Up-regulating the body’s metabolism as well as reducing cellular inflammation throughout the body, while we down-regulate the stress hormones produced daily, can and do facilitate achieving and maintaining a healthy body composition, defined as a healthy lean muscle to body weight ratio while losing unhealthy stored calories.

How can I help you achieve this?

For those of you who are already routinely eating a clean diet, exercising regularly and doing the best you can for your health, the Metabolic Boost Program will help you to achieve your goals safely. Whether it is to reduce the size of that waistline, shrink the bra-line area of the back and/or minimize the size of the upper thigh and buttocks, you will find satisfaction for your desired goals as you jumpstart your current efforts by supplying the missing links through this nutraceutical/herbal support program.

Who may benefit from the YHD Metabolic Boost Program?

  • Individuals who want to optimize fat metabolism and body composition
  • Men and women who want to combat abdominal weight gain
  • Anyone experiencing a slowing metabolism or having trouble maintaining desired weight with a healthy diet
  • Individuals who experience excessive daily stress that creates obstacles to weight management
  • Anyone wanting to assist the body to metabolize healthy fats into the production of energy we all need daily rather than store fat

The goal of the Metabolic Boost Program is to support the breakdown of fats and healthy carbohydrates into energy rather than store them which facilitates our natural energy production from while promoting health body composition and weight without any stimulant effects

This goal is achieved by maximizing the usage of every morsel you eat, WHICH consequently reduces:

  • food cravings
  • recurring feelings of hunger between mealtimes
  • the amount of food eaten DAILY AS WELL AS AT MEALS

Also the energy boosting benefit may translate to some extra pep in your step as well as staving off less emotional eating. Emotional eating is also reduced by the neurochemical balancing precursors in this program as well as through the reduction of cellular inflammation.

Maintain and/or achieve a Healthy Body Composition

A healthy body weight can be downright difficult, even after adjustments are made to daily diets and exercise programs.

Metabolic Boost Program

  •  Abdominal Lean 2 before all meals
  •  UltraLean Appetite Control 2 before all meals
  • Metabolic Health 2 between dinner and bedtime

 UltraLean Appetite Control

  • Increases energy, enhances mood, and staves off hunger
  • Assists with neurotransmitter balance and helps curb the brain's appetite control center
  • Supplies chromium, DL-Phenyalanine, and NAT (N-acetyltyrosine)

Abdominal Lean is a natural dietary supplement that contains a blend of healthy ingredients designed to help you maintain a healthier body composition.

  • Scientifically designed with a blend of enzymes, l-carnitine, and herbs
  • Promotes a healthier body composition for better overall health
  • Designed to be used before meals

Thorne's Metabolic Health IS HIGHLY ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and combines two well-researched botanical extracts - bergamot and curcumin to support your body's metabolism. These ingredients have been used for centuries in Traditional Eastern and Western botanical medicine. Well-absorbed curcumin and bergamot phytosomes help to maintain a happy weight by supporting fat metabolism as well as support optimal cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Metabolic Boost Program

  •  Abdominal Lean 2 before all meals
  •  UltraLean Appetite Control 2 before all meals
  • Metabolic Health 2 between dinner and bedtime

Eating a Clean and Nutrient Dense selection of food

What do I mean by clean and nutrient dense food?

As many of you know I like to recommend we eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet with no processed foods from boxes, jars, cans or bags and nothing is cooked in the microwave. If you are eating clean, unprocessed and nutritious food, this means protein of all types, many vegetables and fruit with small amounts of well grown grains. Cooking at home is very important as well and the internet offers millions of healthful recipes.

 Essentially, I recommend the Mediterranean Diet, which is what I just described above. Centenarians are most common in our Mediterranean and Asian countries and live healthy, invigorating lives with a cornerstone for their health starting with the food they put in their mouth.

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As always...to your optimum Self-Care and Natural Health!

Ariane Cometa MD

your holistic doc