With consistent, year-over-year growth, with MetTel's mobile business operating at sometimes triple digital growth, it's time for bigger space.

Our Warehouse Expanded.
The sheer amount of product types in our portfolio from phones to tablets to PIAB, pre-configured and the mounting of PIAB components requires more room. And that's what we did. Our now more than 50,000 sq ft. warehouse allows us to be in the position to deliver whatever is ordered with sufficient equipment for multinational deployments to the enterprise and the government by the thousands.

The introduction of Mobile Device as a Service (MDaaS) includes several value-add components to service delivery, and our warehouse is designed to perform all of it through automation:
  • Equipment
  • Stagging/kitting
  • Configuring devices
  • Over-the-air device enrollments
  • Device break/fix
  • Device replacement
  • Device wipe and resell
  • Accessories

Our facility is built for repairs and recovery. We utilize bin systems for management and secure recycling. We completely factory wipe all devices down to the boot system with 25-point software-based inspection. Specialized software checks for memory, if it processes correctly, camera functions, etc. The warehouse is equipped with industrial machines to repair scratches and data recovery. Very cool stuff. POTS in a BOX technology. We utilize DataRemote for PIAB to complement our managed POTS Transformation service. We'll cover device differentiators and our newly launched Device Management Portal- complete visibility on device connectivity and functionality for your customers. When it comes to mobility, we'll present our Mobile Device as a Service offering, solving for enterprise mobility programming in the days of hybrid work-cross carrier pooling, full staging kitting, device enrollment, eSIM provisioning, same day shipment, device recycling, break/fix. Additionally, let's talk Single SIM- multicarrier coverage for global connected devices.   

MetTel's SMART warehouse is tricked out. 
Here's how it works:
- As any component moves throughout the production lines or warehouse space, it's followed by RFID readers.
- Each component is tracked and automated throughout its life at the warehouse.
- Each component has tasks with detailed processes attached to it, visible through MetTel's orchestration tool, BRUIN. 

Example: All orders that come in overnight are pulled off the shelf in our facility. They are put on the conveyor belt, scanned out and work orders and SOWs attached are entered into our system, enrolled over-the-air into customers' environments based on ticket information. Smart technicians continue onto next steps like testing or end-of-the-line packing. Appropriate FedEx labels are printed out. Devices are pulled with appropriate boxes, sealed with security tape and the is affixed.

This process ensures we adhere to our SLAs which any order that comes in before 1 PM EST, is processed and ready to go out the same day whether it's 25 devices or 10,000! It also accommodates the immediate overnight replacement to accommodate the 15% of inventory allotted to the customer that can break. 

Let's meet.
We'd love to host partners at our NYC headquarters which can include a visit to our smart warehouse. We are top partners with Apple, Samsung, Microsoft as well as with ruggedized device equipment manufactures. We manufacture MetTel DataRemote PIAB here in the US and are master dealers with the largest accessory companies.

Interested in seeing the warehouse in person? Drop us a note: channelmarketing@mettel.net