April 2020
Shopping Guidelines
Dear GrowNYC Grains Shopper,

First, we can’t thank you enough for supporting GrowNYC Grains, and all of the farmers and millers that we represent. We know that shopping these days can be stressful and difficult, to say the least. We are doing everything we can to make our markets safe and efficient places to get fresh food and other farm products for you and your family. This is just one of GrowNYC’s ongoing efforts to increase access to healthy food through our Greenmarkets, our community and school gardens, our Fresh Food Box program, and much more. For more information on all our programs, visit us at  GrowNYC.org   and follow us on  social media .
Before the COVID19 crisis, our markets were social gathering places, as well as places to get fresh and healthy food, and we look forward to the day when we can leisurely mingle with neighbors and friends at market. But as long as this crisis continues, our entire focus is on making our markets as safe and efficient as possible. We have implemented some of the  strictest safety protocols  in the country. And GrowNYC is seen as a model for New York and the nation. The New York Times explains best why  outdoor markets matter more than ever .
We continue to adapt and improve.  But we need your help . When shopping at our Greenmarkets and Farmstands, please follow the guidelines below. Together, we can keep our farmers farming and help ensure that all New Yorkers have access to fresh food. If you would like to support our efforts, you can do so  here
Shopping Guidelines:
  • In order to ensure safe distancing, we may limit the number of shoppers in the market from time to time. Please be patient and follow the direction of GrowNYC staff.
  • For the safety of all, the CDC and NYC City Officials ask that everybody wear a face covering when in the public. This will protect your neighbors, our staff, and our farmers. And while we would love to see your smiling face, that will have to wait a few months. All our Producers and staff are required to wear face coverings, so please join us in keeping your fellow customers safe. And remember, if you are not feeling well, please stay home.
  • Please try and keep your market visit as short a possible so others have a chance to shop.  Plan your meals for a week, make a list ahead of time, and please don’t linger in the market if at all possible. Some delicious and helpful recipes and lessons for home cooking can be found here.
  • We love to see families and groups in the market, but if you can please try and limit your party to 1 or 2 people. The smaller the group, the safer we all are. And while we love pets, in order to increase personal space, it is best if you leave your dog with a family member outside the market or at home. 
  • Bikers should lock their bikes up outside the market. If you forget your lock, please dismount and walk your bike while shopping.
  • You will see chalk and tape on the ground designating 6 foot spaces in lines.  Please stand on or behind these markings to ensure a healthy social distance from your fellow shoppers.  We have set up specific lines for our bread, milk, fish, grains, and other vendors, look for the signs or ask our friendly market staff for help…we talk loud, so no problem asking from 6 feet away. 
  • Some of our producers are offering pre-order, home delivery, and shipping. A directory can be found here.
  • We have a hand sanitizer station available in the market for your use. But nothing beats washing your hands. Here are some tips on washing produce when you get home.
  • While we know our baked goods and other products are delicious, please wait to consume them at home.
You will see many returning Producers as the growing season continues. Our goal is to make our markets as safe and convenient as possible. We deeply appreciate your support and patience. 

Thank you again for supporting GrowNYC Greenmarkets and helping us keep everyone safe.
Marcel Van Ooyen
Grainstand Market Schedule

GrowNYC  Union Square Greenmarket  every Wednesday and Saturday year-round.

April 18: McCarren Park (Brooklyn)
April 19: Jackson Heights (Queens)
April 25: Fort Greene (Brooklyn)
April 26: Columbia (Manhattan)
April 26: 79th street (Manhattan)

May 2: Inwood (Manhattan)
May 3: Carroll Gardens (Brooklyn)
May 9: Grand Army Plaza (Brooklyn)
May 10: Columbia (Manhattan)
We are working to make sure we can fill the increasing demand for dry goods in these uncertain times, and are maintaining our regular market schedule. For any unforeseen market schedule changes, follow us on Instagram.

To see the full schedule click here.
Pre-ordered bulk bags are available at any of our locations upon request.  Check availability and pricing here.  
Comfort in a Time of Crisis
We have heard from many GrowNYC Grains shoppers that with more time at home, and as a means to calm anxiety, "comfort baking" has become a quarantine phenomenon, where folks are indeed finding solace, inspiration and no small amount of deliciousness. We hope you continue to find joy in your doughs, whether 100% whole grain biscuits, or in your newly discovered sourdough routine. We want to thank you, our (ever expanding) network of home bakers for your support and inspiration. We see you! And we will keep bringing you the best of the Northeast Grainshed for all your local staple food needs. 🙏💛🌾
Liz, biscuits using Farmer Ground Flour.
Christina, overnight sourdough buckwheat pancakes.
Michela, sourdough with spelt flour.
Jordan, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with Frederick flour.
Brian, loaded matzoh with Sirvinta flour.
Erica, sourdough discard foccacia.
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