Guided Hands
Message from Mary

September’s Super-FEAST

Celebrating the Energy of the Autumns Equinox
(First Day of Fall)

September 23, 2019

Wow, another Season has come and gone. 

We are ‘ falling ’ right into this next Season with a Harvest that is being Hand Picked.  As we get ready to sit with Family and Friends to Celebrate September’s Super-FEAST , we take a Breath to Inhale the Excitement of this New Energy , and Exhale to Release the Intense heat and hard work.   

Fall is a great time for Releasing the Old , like the Tree that naturally and organically discharges its Leaves . The Leaves let go without struggle, as they know it is Time for Change . They Relieve themselves from the old Weight of its prior season, and stand Bare to Breathe the Breath of Freedom . We learn from this Tree the importance of release , and symbolically for us to let go, be free and embrace changes , as the Seasons Separate the old and bring forth the New .
This Tree also drops its Seasonal Seeds into our Garden , so that All may continually be fed, thus the importance of “ letting go ” so more can Grow. 
We are the Faithful Gardner’s with Trust and Hope that continues to Sow the Seeds , so in its return we are given a Blessed Harvest of Goodness and Grace

As each Gardener Gardens , they are early to rise and late to rest, and as their body goes through strenuous demands to perform its duties, they consistently deliver the Harvest to our Tables .  
With a Hopeful Heart and each Seed Sown , their Garden will Grow and develop into a Masterful Divine Design , intended to Feed the hungry mass. 

Each Garden is Created and Shaped in a Geometric Planting Pattern of Pure Love, as to Ensure that each Seed has room to maturely develop and grow.

As the Sun Rises , each Seed receives the Solar Energy as a light inception to populate and bring forth a lush and wholesome outcome. The contribution of the Sun’s Light will shine directly into its garden, as a direct and positive part of the Gardeners Plan to activate the Seeds Pattern to Produce its Flowers of Life The Gardeners Gift that keeps on Giving .
We are all Gardeners Growing a New Earth

We are Earth Guardians (Gardeners) with Respect to Nature . We give as we have been given too, and consciously create in our existence a newer reality filled with plenty of the precious foods for all to feed from.  We are the Spiritual Surveyors of this New Garden to oversee that these New Seeds are aligned in their respected rows for its Proper Growth, and Survival.

Om Shanti, Shanti

Utilize this First day of Autumn to Harvest your Gifts.

Let this First day of Autumn show you a Self-Reflection from the Sacred Garden of Love and Light.

Please Receive the offerings that this First day of Autumn brings to thee, as it Encircles you with the Intelligence of Divine Love.

Om Shanti, Shanti

We’ve lovingly labored the Summer’s HEAT to make sure that by the First day of Autumn , our Fruits of Labor would be Rich and Ready for the Picking.

We’ve been Sowing our Seeds for the New Garden , and now it is time to Enjoy the rich Harvest that is being delivered to our Hearts and Homes. 

This Super-FEAST is a Spiritual Harvest that is the Result of the Collective Combining and Cultivating their Labor of Love, for all to come and Celebrate as One.  
On this Beautiful First Day of Autumn , let us Join together and Reap the wonderful Benefits from that of what we’ve Sown

Let us be Seated Side by Side , and Sing our Songs of Serenity .
Let us be Gathered in the Goodness of our Traditions, and Celebrate as we break-free from old patterns, and begin with a September-Super-FEAST of the Brand New!!!

Love and Light,
Mary Martin

Mary Martin Medium
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