Dear Members, Colleagues & Friends of the Illinois Recycling Association.

As we wrap up 2018, I'd like to take this opportunity to make a few announcements, extend my thanks and gratitude to the departing Board Members who have served this organization and welcome those who are joining and continuing to serve on the Board.

Board Members elected to the Illinois Recycling Association Board for a two year term 2018-2020.

Joining the Board:
  • Marynda Agnew, Sustainability Coordinator, Village of Oak Park
  • Luke Fikejs, President MW Recyclers Inc, Rolling Meadows
  • John Lardner, Senior Engineer, JPL Environmental Engineering & Co-Owner Patriot Acres LLC
  • Rob Martin, Waste Diversion Coordinator, Tazewell County Health Dept

Returning to the Board:
  • Ron Tazelaar, President, Economy Disposal/TAZ Construction & Demolition Recycling LLC
  • Jon Tigchelaar, Manager Information Systems, Resource Management Companies

Continuing Board Members:
  • Mary Margaret Cowhey, President/CEO, Lake and Lakes Company
  • William D Curtin, Director Environmental Services, Loyola University Chicago
  • Kristy Hecke, Solid Waste Manager, McHenry County Dept of Health
  • Dave Keeling, Director Recycling, Steel Recycling Institute
  • Shantanu Pai, Assistant Sustainability Researcher, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, University of Illinois
  • Carol Staniec, USEPA Liaison Region 5
  • James Jennings, ILEPA Liaison

Thank you to the outgoing Board Members for their service to the Illinois Recycling Association:
  • Susan Barton, Shedd Aquarium
  • Paula Cross Retired from Macon County & IRA Treasurer
  • Lisa Kneller, Vintage Tech Recyclers

I am also completing my term on the Board of Directors. Over the past two years we have doubled our membership. We have offered one-day events covering a variety of topics and learning opportunities located in different parts of the state. We participated and supported our national organization, National Recycling Coalition (NRC), at the Resource Recycling Conference and via scheduled calls with the Recycling Organizations Council (ROC). Our committees have worked cooperatively with other state recycling and sustainability organizations. None of this would have been possible without the commitment of the board members and the support of the entire membership.

We scheduled last year's Annual Meeting as part of a one-day educational event in the interests of our members' financial and time availability. This year's Annual Meeting continues this theme.

The NRC has selected our state to host the Midwest location for their Recycling Markets Workshop. This is the third in a series offered throughout the country by the NRC. We have worked with the NRC to book speakers who will discuss end markets that are looking to work in the Midwest to secure recyclable materials and Materials Recovery Facilities that have the vision and commitment to keep our recycling programs robust and serve the public. In addition, we will have speakers that will provide the State's perspective on building, supporting and engaging in the development of industries dedicated to recycling. We encourage everyone to attend. Our neighboring state organizations are also being contacted to invite and encourage participation so we can obtain a true Midwest Perspective.

In conclusion, I've had a remarkable two years serving as the President on this Board. We are a coalition of believers - building programs and businesses that are dedicated to preserving natural resources, encouraging best practices to Reduce waste, Re-Use existing products and finally, the third R - Recycling those products that have materials that can be manufactured into new products.

Thank you for your faith in our efforts. Please continue to believe and think about how you can each give a bit to make this organization a healthy and relevant force in the future.

Kris Kaar

Illinois Recycling Association
PO Box 6957, Villa Park IL 60181
708 358 0050