February 2023

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you, your families, and our community as the new commissioner of Harris County Precinct 4.

I would first like to thank Commissioner Cagle for his 11 years of service, as well as his graciousness and help during the transition. He has set a great example for this office, and I look forward to continuing to build upon it. 

I am the first woman to serve as Commissioner of Precinct 4, and am the first mother elected—in her own right—to serve on Harris County Commissioners Court in its over 145 year history. As the daughter of teachers, the mother of three young daughters, a lawyer, teacher, wife, and former civil court judge and nonprofit executive—I am committed to public service and to ensuring that all families in our Precinct have the opportunity to thrive.

We will serve together. We will unite around our common vision – that our home will be a safer, more sustainable place to live, work and play for every single person and family in Harris County. 

I value integrity, empathy, and excellence above all else. If we keep those values at the center of our work, I am confident there is nothing we cannot achieve – if, we act with unity and urgency. 

Addressing public safety and flood mitigation and improving our parks, roads, and infrastructure will be immediate priorities. We have many challenges before us, and there is much work to do. There is also tremendous opportunity - by embracing our rich diversity and talent in this region, we can transform our County.

Advancing the best interests of the 1.2 million people that call Precinct 4 home will guide our work. My team and I believe that government works for the people, should be held to a higher standard, and must lead with innovation.

My team and I will be laser focused on serving Precinct 4 – our 1,400 miles of roads, 13,000 acres of green space, 52 parks, 8 community centers, and over 1.2 million residents.

Thank you for this opportunity. I’m excited to get to work and look forward to your partnership and ideas.

All my best,
Moving Precinct 4 Forward
Contractor Safety Policy Approved:
A Win for Both Workers and Businesses
Harris County, which oversees large-scale construction projects on roads, bridges, and other infrastructure annually, will begin requiring contractors to provide and pay for safety training for their employees working on county projects. This policy will not only keep workers safe while they are on the job, but it will also have an economic benefit by saving the County and taxpayers money while making sure the quality of our construction projects remains high. 

Watch to learn more about this policy.
Precinct 4 Gives Back
During Martin Luther King Jr.
Day of Service
Precinct 4 volunteers planted 10 sycamore trees from the Legacy Trees Project to support Barbara Quattro, President of the Alief Super Neighborhood Council's effort to plant 1,000 trees along Wilcrest Drive.

Led by SEWA International, the Precinct 4 team volunteered their time to garden, paint, and help beautify the Alief Community Garden for its residents.
Commissioner's Court Passes County's First-Ever Climate Action Plan
This is the first-ever Climate Action Plan (CAP) for internal operations. The goal of the CAP is a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030. The CAP provides a strategy to achieve that goal and includes a GHG inventory, GHG reduction goals and 2030 targets, and a set of emissions reduction strategies.  
“We’re thinking strategically. At the end of the day, we’re here to improve the quality of life and I look forward to doing that every day.”
“I believe we absolutely need to just deliver on the basics and deliver with excellence. And we need to continue building and improving Harris County in a bold, innovative way.”

"I want to work closely with industry so that we not only maintain being the energy capital of the world, but the alternative energy capital of the world.”

Alief Neighborhood Center
Now Open!
The newly built Neighborhood Center has 70,000 square and features a skate park, outdoor pool, athletic courts, and sports fields for soccer, baseball, and softball.
Precinct 4 Community Centers: Connecting People and Improving Lives
Hockley Community Center opened its doors to the public in 1986. Situated in the middle of an expansive but treeless park, it was missing the shade and calming environment that trees provide. Park caretakers planted oak trees all along the 1/4-mile walking path behind the center.
In the 37 years since then, the oaks have become big, beautiful trees with solid roots providing shade for the walkers and a stunning view from the back door and windows. 

Just like the oaks in the park, the center's visitors, volunteers, and staff have strong roots in the community.

"I visited the center as a kid with my dad, who worked next door at the road and bridge camp," says Ashley Dodd, assistant director at Hockley Community Center. "I even had my preschool graduation and wedding shower here. One day, I said, 'I want to work here with the people and the community.'" 

"I'm so blessed to be here," says Ashley, who began working at the center in August of 2019. "It's like a big family," 
"The center brings the community together in play, shared meals, and good conversation." Gerlinde Pittman, director of the Hockley Community Center, says. "The latest activity addition is chair volleyball. Our seniors are thrilled to have fun and exercise at the same time."
To learn more about activities at Hockley Community Center, including exercise, arts and crafts, children's programming, seminars on nutrition, health, public services, and more, or to find a community center near you, visit hcp4.net/communitycenters.
The Hockley Hill

In addition to the community center, the Hockley Recreational Complex is also home to a soap box derby hill. The Greater Houston Soap Boxy Derby, a nonprofit organization, hosts annual races for special needs children, family fun days, senior adult races, and more!
Precinct 4 Events
Febulous Festival
Saturday, Feb. 25, noon - 4 p.m.
Weekley Community Center

Celebrate all things February with music games, and activities. Click here for more information.
Black History Month Celebration
Monday, Feb. 27, at 12:30 p.m.
Weekley Community Center

Join Precinct 4 for a Black History Celebration featuring exhibits, an historical performance, and more! Barbecue plates available for purchase. For more information or to register, click here.