For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11

Living Water Crusades
15 Crusade teams in 8 countries
Evangelizing areas where we have dug wells. All who respond to the invitation are offered
Good News Bible studies in their homes, baptized, and integrated into churches.
2021 Crusades
Attendance: 116,301
Decisions: 20,664
Good News Groups: 10,418
3 Wheelers and stage used for Open Air meetings
Welding School Students
Welding Beds
Vo Tech Schools
Training church leaders and young men and women in order to have skills to provide for family.
Students create gate and table and chairs
Total Baptisms in 7 countries 2021: 20,957
Living Water Crusade Testimony My Name is A.R.
I was only three years old when I was kidnapped by Joseph Kony, a rebel leader warring against the Ugandan government.
My parents were killed and I was trained in warfare to survive. Some of the things we were made to do:
·        Sacrifice young children and drink their blood to make them fearless.
·        Drank urine.
·        Stop a bus and kill everyone on board.
·        Killed people to eat.
During the peace talks I was able to get free.
I thank God for the film meeting because it was there that I gave my life to Christ. And I have been baptized.
I am now living a happy life praising God together with other church members. The church members have become my family. 

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