My understanding is there is a Galactic Law among civilizations that is called Tacit Procuration. When a species (human or otherwise) is apathetic or in denial and goes along with whatever the status quo is - with no non-violent actions or verbal expressions to the contrary; it is considered then that the species is in compliance with whatever is going on.

Why?  Because members of these councils know our true selves as the sovereign creators that we are and respect free will choice.

I believe an unfoldment of a much larger picture of reality is taking place and a continuous revealing of what is no longer working within most of our systems is becoming more and more apparent. 

These systems will have to change or most likely will implode on themselves.

This provides an opportunity and opening for all to reunite as respectful sovereign beings as this 2017 year of Transparency, Truth Disclosure & Consciousness Renaissance begins.

May I offer a suggestion that you seek support to process fears and practice cooperating more with others in non-polarized thought and actions. This non-polarized mental, emotional and spiritual practice will become a necessity if we wish to navigate more gracefully and successfully through this evolutionary transformation. 

Creation is not asking us to lose our innocence as human beings; but rather to end our naiveté, and wake up to the truth of who we ALL really are; sovereign beings with many creator abilities. 

It is a calling and invitation to mature as a human species and Every-One literally is a major key in this much awaited new era.