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October 2023 | #4

What do you think of when you think about the summer of 2023?  Ridiculous rainfall? High humidity and residual wildfire smoke? Hurricane Lee? As New Englanders, thank goodness most of us who count the days of our short window on the water also have a good sense of humor. Despite the fact that it rained 11 of 14 weekends of this season (going back to June 1st), we saw a record number of MMYB boaters making the most of high tides and warmer weather. Thank you for another wonderful season. It makes our job so much more pleasurable to know that you were taking full advantage of every possible moment to get out there.

Another huge thank you goes out for the extraordinary collective efforts to prepare for Hurricane Lee here at MMYB. We are proud to report that 100% of the MMYB family members on both moorings and docks came down to take care of their boats. When other marinas and clubs on the River were kicking folks out, we joined hands and hung tight to ensure that the safety of our people and property was of the highest priority. The fact that Lee blew North and the storm wasn’t major event was a gift that shifted in our favor. We are so grateful for the manageable impact and roll-up-your-sleeves attitude of so many.

So here we go again. Fall hauls, shrink wrap and winterization are on deck.  Please read further for a few tips and suggestions to ready for the Fall.

We’ll sea ya soon! 

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2023 Winter Contracts

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End of Season Wrap

Be sure to check w your Yard for winter storage to-dos. 

At MMYB we expect:

·        Holding tanks

xxxemptied & flushed

·        Fuel topped off 7/8s

·        No batteries

·        No heat sources

·        No DIY shrink


We appreciate everyone's efforts to ensure that boats and the Yard are safe and secure in the off-season.


Partnership with Doyle Sails

Doyle Sails on Deck


Whether you are into sailing or not, no doubt that you have heard of Doyle Sailmakers. Now in its 40th year, Robbie Doyle founded this globally known sail design company in Marblehead in 1983. They grew exponentially from the get-go, have 50+ lofts across the globe, and Robbie was recently inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame for his “high-tech approach to sail making”.

In 2022 Doyle Sails Salem proudly partnered with MMYB to provide sail service for our sailing community. Doyle Sails is a full-service loft located in Salem where all the work is performed.  Your sails are an investment—and with proper care, you can easily extend their life and get the most out of them. Maybe your sails aren’t looking as spankin’ new and over the summer Mother Nature was not kind but it’s not too late! The Doyle Sails service team can assist in preventative and regular maintenance, and canvas work.  All orders are coordinated through MMYB. We also coordinate the Winter drop-off and Spring pick-up.

A reminder to MMYB sailors – NOW is the time to drop sails for winter service. When you get hauled, please detail plans with the MMYB Service Dept regarding inspection, cleaning, repair, and new sail considerations.  Check out Doyle Sail’s website: Doyle Sails

Knot Kidding

Fun Facts about MMYB


The Record-Setting Clipper Ship Dreadnought

Launched from Our Yard on October 6th, 1853

170 years ago Merri-Mar Yacht Basin, formerly known as the Hathaway Boatyard, which was formerly known as the Currier-Townsend Shipyard, was the birthplace of a transatlantic record setter the Dreadnought. Built for the Red Cross Line at a time when steamers had already overpowered the profitable and preferred way to cross the pond, this clipper ship, deemed the Wild Boat of the Atlantic by sailors around the globe, was an extraordinary vessel on many levels.  The Dreadnought launched on October 6, 1853. This 212-foot, 1,414 ton vessel was famous for holding the transatlantic speed record for sailing ships back in her time. In 1860, Dreadnought made the voyage from New York to England in an unequaled sailing time of nine days and seventeen hours. There is a stone monument today at the foot of our boatyard at the base of Ashland and Merrimac Streets that marks this famous achievement.

Captained by the 16-year-old Samuel Samuels, the Dreadnought’s story is one of shipbuilding genius, adventure, romance, and mutiny. Check out these articles to learn about her remarkable history.

Shipping Wonders of the World

Click here for the the Nitty Gritty

Ancestory Archives: Captain Samuel Samuels and the Clipper Ship Dreadnought

Click here for a view from the lens of Captain Samuels

Around the Yard

Ashera Heading to Mystic Seaport

Ashera Dressed Up for Christmas 2022

Asherah Lands in Mystic

In the Spring edition of The QUARTERDECK we featured an article on Merri-Mar’s two yellow submarines – the Deep Princess and AsherahDeep Princess was designed and built by our founder Wally, whose passion for diving and innovation merged to create this well-loved submersible. He later acquired Asherah, a similar vessel to Deep Princess, but is 4 times her weight (4 ½ tons) with the ability to dive safely to 600 feet. She was known for her maneuverability, can run up to 4 knots, and her electrically powered propellers allowed her to hover and move like a helicopter. Asherah was built by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics, for the University Museum at UPenn, to advance the ability to safely map archeological excavation sites via underwater “aerial photography”, with a longer submersion capacity, saving months of dive time on each site. She was a game-changer in the world of underwater archeology. Over the years, Jay was in frequent contact Dr. George Bass, former curator of the Penn Museum Mediterranean Section at UPenn, who oversaw her construction, launch, and maiden commission in 1964 to undertake the world’s first scientific shipwreck investigation, examining a Bronze Age wreck off the southern coast of Turkey. Together they had been searching for a new home for Asherah

A few years ago, Jay reached out to Electric Boat with hoping that she would find a home at their headquarters in Groton, CT, and be used as an educational tool there. They had to pass but connected Jay with the Mystic Seaport Museum, a neighbor of Electric Boat. On August 8th of this year, we said bon voyage to Asherah as she headed to her new home at Mystic Seaport. “We are super excited to have such a wonderful artifact that our visitors already love and tells an important story about underwater explorations for our region and beyond,” says Chris Gasiorek, Senior VP of Operations & Watercraft for Mystic Seaport Museum. According to Chris, Ashera is on display in their Shipyard exhibit and will be a part of a series of undersea exploration exhibits starting next summer.  

Jay's Way

Brain Pick’n w/the Boss

'Tis the Season to Think PINK?

Pink…non-toxic propylene glycol antifreeze that is. How protected are your boat systems after you have winterized them? The jugs advertise -50° F, -60° F or even -100° F freeze protection but that’s not necessarily what you end up with when you have completed your winterization tasks.

First, let’s consider the antifreeze as it is in the jug that you have purchased. The label states that the freeze protection is let’s say -50° F. That is the temperature at which the antifreeze will burst. Meaning, the liquid becomes a solid and expands to create the burst. AKA damaged water lines. The actual point at which the antifreeze starts to slush is a much higher temperature. So now let’s consider dilution. When you mix antifreeze with water you dilute it by some factor changing both the slush and burst temperatures, reducing your freeze protection. How do we know for sure that we have adequately winterized our boat systems? I for one like to sleep well during those cold winter nights knowing that I have definitely protected my boat’s systems well beyond the outside temperatures.

To be certain that we have done a first-class job of it we will need the proper tool. The most accurate way for the average boater to test propylene glycol antifreeze is with a refractometer. A refractometer measures the refractive index of a substance, specifically the gravity/concentration of a liquid, in this case, antifreeze. Refractometers are relatively inexpensive and a tool that you will find several other uses for around your boat and home.

Now let’s put it to work. Let’s start by testing the antifreeze that we have just purchased. The jug of antifreeze is let’s say -50° F and we test it with our new tool. Our test shows the slush point is +8° F. Our antifreeze will start to freeze at +8° F. Now let’s reintroduce dilution into the conversation. As we pump our antifreeze through our boat systems, we are attempting to replace the water (salt and/or fresh) with antifreeze. There will undoubtedly be some amount of dilution and depending on how much antifreeze you pump through the system the dilution WILL IMPACT your freeze protection. It used to be that when you saw pink out of the discharge location of that particular system you were good. So, if we use that method let’s test the protection of that system. Using our refractometer, we test the discharge of our winterized system and are shocked at the results.

In my experience, it is absolutely necessary to test each and every outlet of your boat’s systems in order to be absolutely sure you are protected from the worst weather. So, start with high-quality antifreeze, test each system, and then consider it winterized.

Our winterization starts with -100° F antifreeze and considers a system winterized when we have achieved a -40° F test result with a refractometer. You may pay more for the antifreeze but will use less to achieve a satisfactory result.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions. Our staff is well-versed in winterization processes and are here to help you be successful. 

Boat Projects?

Stop in, call us at 978.465.3022, or email Billy at

Ship to Store

Winterizing Must Haves

Protect Your Boat Systems

·        Premium grade PG antifreeze

xx(-50 °/-100° F)

·        Fuel Stabilizers for gas & diesel

·         Oils & Filters for all engine lines

Cleaning & Smellin Purdy

·        Hull cleaners

·        Inflatable boat cleaners

·        Salt-off w PTEF Coating

·        Black Streak Remover

·         Engine/Black H20 Tank Descalers


Get the Moisture Out

·        StarBrite NoDamp Hang Bags

·        DampAway Tubs (pellets)


Kanberra Tea Tree &

Essential Oil Products

This MMYB favorite is an all-natural indoor air quality improvement line that kills mold & mildew odors.  

·        Kanberra Gel tubs & refill pouches

·        Kanberra Spray

·        Kanberra Wipes

·        Kanberra Premium Soaps

·        Kanberra Essential Oils

Get the deals while supplies last!

Write of Way

Endangered Species Cover

David with a Sizable Cod

Endangered Species to Hit Book Stores in October

Chronicle of the Life of a New England Fisherman and the F/V Ellen Diane

By David Goethel

Long-time MMYB family member has taken pen to paper to document his extraordinary life as a New England commercial fisherman and advocate for reality-based sustainable fishing practices. At the strong encouragement of his youngest son, and after selling his boat and business in 2022, David set out to chronicle his gritty, colorful, and often barely believable life. His retirement kicked off with a 6-week, chapter-a-day brain dump that shaped up into a legacy piece filled with excerpts of David’s life on the water and his position as an active voice and educator in the fishery management industry.

David’s 55-year career in commercial fishing started at age 14. He and his Dad went on a road trip from his hometown of Needham MA to find a fishing charter in the summer of 1967. They randomly picked Eastman’s in Hampton NH because they had the same color scheme on their sign as the restaurant chain Howard Johnson’s. Soon after he followed his calling and started as crew/mate on an Eastman’s charter boat. In 1972 he passed the operator's license to carry passengers and was the youngest boat captain in the Seacoast area. He worked at Eastman’s until 1982, and left after finally getting fed up with the passengers' shenanigans – drinking, drugs, fighting, etc. That year he built the Ellen Diane, a dragger that he named after his wife, and ran it from 1982 – 2022. He fished from Portland to PTown, mostly in the Cape Ann/Boon Island area, primarily for cod and lobsters, which were the gravy of his daily catches for years.

Somewhere along the way David graduated from Boston University with a biology degree, married his wife Ellen of 47 years, and had 2 sons, Eric and David. He also taught Marine Management at UNH and developed a template for a Marine Resource Program, which is now used across the country. His commitment to preserving small-boat commercial fishing as a way of life, and advocating for reasonable science-based fishery management continues, serving on a variety of councils and panels at local and national levels. 

He is a self-described “translator” between management/regulatory folks, scientists, and commercial fishermen. David’s “take” is that the potential knowledge exchange and collective ability to create reasonable regulation is impaired by the inability to effectively communicate.  Management speaks in acronyms. Scientists speak in numbers. Commercial fishermen have their own language often rooted in traditions and knowledge of the sea and species passed down for generations. This huge disconnect, combined with an overall lack of understanding of what it takes to fish 100+ hours/week in extreme conditions, has made his role as a translator an essential part of the fishery management conversation in New England.

Endangered Species will be released on October 19th at a book signing at the Lane Memorial Library in Hampton, NH from 6-7 PM. Books will be available for sale at each reading/signing. Mark your calendars for additional signings:

October 24th   Water Street Bookstore, Exeter NH @ 6:30 PM

October 25th   Gibson’s Bookstore, Concord NH @ 6:30 PM

November 4th The Bookery, Manchester NH @ 6:30 PM

Check the library & bookstore websites to sign up.

Endangered Species will make the perfect Holiday Gift and will be available in the MMYB Ship’s Store very soon.

The “official” publication date for Endangered Species is October 24, 2023. 

Books can be pre-ordered through the publisher’s website:

Peter Randall Publishers and Amazon.

Let's Talk Boat Sales

Whether you are a first-time boat buyer, considering upsizing or downsizing, or simply looking to sell your boat, you can depend on the MMYB Team to keep your best interests first and foremost.  Fueled by 6+ decades of industry insight, we are your in-house, on-site, “can-do” partners before, during, and after your closing.  If you are buying, our service adds no additional costs to you. We are here to ensure that you will find the best boat for your cruising adventures, in the right condition, and within your budget. If you are selling, we will curate a marketing plan to maximize your listing’s exposure via the most robust online boat sales marketing outlets, print ads, social media, and direct email campaigns. In either case, buying or selling, we will handle all the leads, schedule showings, surveys, and haul-outs, handle the negotiations, and prepare all necessary documents to ensure a smooth closing. 

Call, email, or stop by the Brokerage Office to start the conversation.

Reach out to Brandon or Cari


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Cantius 48


JOY RIDEThis highly desirable, hard-to-find Cantius 48 combines luxurious “best in class” accommodations, high-level engineering, world-class craftsmanship, and a ride that is second to none. The Cantius line debuted in 2011 with the launch of the Cantius 48. This series represents Cruisers Yachts’ dedication to building yachts that are comfortable, safe, and perfect for family outings or entertaining. Cantius models are known for their well-appointed sophisticated exteriors and incredibly spacious open-concept living spaces.

JOY RIDE’s fully enclosed helm, hardtop with a sliding sunroof, U-shaped cockpit that converts to a sun lounge, wet bar with fridge & icemaker, BBQ grill, shower, and hydraulic swim platform takes a magic day on the water to a whole new level. She is powered by a 2013 Volvo Penta IPS600 diesel 435hp engine with just under 1100 hours. IPS joystick maneuvering puts handling and docking easy and literally at your fingertips. With an average fuel economy of 15 gallons per hour, and 7 to 9 gallons per hour at cruise speed, she exhibits consistent fuel efficiency. She is equipped with a full suite of Raymarine electronics, digital depth finder, full instrumentation, and 2 Volvo Penta 7" Color Monitors.

JOY RIDE’s integrated upper and lower salons offer a fluid layout inviting beautiful natural light throughout. Both salons have custom upholstered settees. There is an iPod Auxiliary Jack-Stereo in the upper Salon (AM/FM CD/DVD MP3/iPod/SAT Adaptable), a 32" LCD & DVD Player in the lower salon, and remote speakers in both salons and the helm. Belowdecks, the Galley has Corian countertops, a double sink, Vitrifrigo refrigerator and freezer, Euro Kera 2 burner electric stove, a Coutoure microwave/convection oven, and L-shape dinette that converts to a berth, and plenty of storage. Accommodations include a master stateroom aft with walkaround queen berth ensuite head and shower, and washer/dryer. Forward there is a queen island berth ensuite shower and head. There are cedar-lined hanging lockers forward and aft, cherry accents throughout the interior, and a synthetic teak and holly sole in the upper and lower salons.

JOY RIDE has been meticulously maintained and loved by her current owners.  She is in BRISTOL condition, tricked out with all of Cruisers Yachts’ factory options, making her turnkey ready for the most discerning and fortunate new owner.

This is a MUST SEE stunning yacht that won’t last long. 

Call TODAY to schedule a showing! Visit JOY RIDE for more detail. 



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