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March 2023 | #2

 Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party”!

Robin Williams


Ah yes, Spring! 

Birds are singing earlier. Sun is setting later. The first leaves are popping green and Spring blossoms are sprinkling random colors like confetti. And, of course, the Merrimack’s blue hues and outgoing tides are pulling us toward the mouth of the River and salty adventures beyond. 

Here we are, entering our 67th year in business, and back to the beginning again. It seems like it was not too long ago that we were hauling boats and filling the yard with those destined to camp out for the winter. Despite the recent Nor’easter that left us shoveling the white stuff (again), we are back in T-shirts and wired for Spring. Swing by MMYB and you will see that we are busy recycling shrink wrap, opening hatches, checking fluids & systems, stepping masts, replacing zincs, bottom painting, and tuning up yard equipment. The Shop is humming non-stop, while the Parts Department and Ship’s Store are buzzing with smiling boat project preppers, essential inventory replacers, and those looking for stylin’ new gear to kick off the season. 

And, the “boat phone” is ringing off the hook with those looking to upsize and downsize…stacking surveys & sea trials to ensure that splashdowns are on deck as soon as the time and tides allow.

Speaking of splashdowns, NO ICE on the River means docks are going in NOW. TODAY. 1st Day of Spring…with eyes on the week of May 15th to open the waterfront. We are definitely in countdown mode!  


So, it’s time to get outside, shake off the winter dust, and celebrate another season by taking in a deep breath of salt air.


We’ll sea ya soon! 


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How about something different for MOM??? Mother's Day is just around the corner - Sunday May 14th!

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Waterfront Opens Monday May 15, 2023

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Northeast Bluefin Showdown


2nd Annual Tuna Tournie

MMYB is pleased to host the 2nd Annual Northeast Bluefin Showdown which will take place July 8-15th. Last year, the tournament had 77 participants, gave away $85,000 in prizes, and raised $26,000 for the for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Jimmy Fund, and their commitment to cutting-edge science and highly compassionate care for children and their families. So far there are 32 participants. There is a discount for early registration ($1,750 vs. $2,000). Click here for more info: 2023 Northeast Bluefin Showdown

Around the Yard

Not 1 but 2 Yellow Submarines

When you think of MMYB’s founders Ruthann & Wally Lesynski, you might think of a number of things. They made a strong team. Ruthann was “all business” while Wally’s creative juices flowed freely. Wally was a Navy man stationed at the Portsmouth Naval Yard, and served in the Navy Seabees, the Navy’s elite diving construction battalion, whose “Can Do” motto is put into practice daily at MMYB. He developed his affinity for submarines, incredible skills in fabrication, and love for diving at a young age. Wally was also the first to be honored with the 60-year US Coast Guard Auxiliary Membership Service Award. In addition to his military background and love for the sea, he was an explorer, inventor, and problem solver at heart. What you might not know is that Wally hated to be cold. As a kid, Jay Jr. recalls Wally regularly surfacing from a dive with head-to-toe shivers, taking some of the fun out of one of his favorite passions. An affinity for submarines, a love of diving, and a strong desire to avoid being cold – what else would one do but build a submarine? A yellow submarine!


Wally’s brainchild was inspired in part by the SP-350 Denise, Jacques Cousteau’s famous 2-person, deep-diving research submarine known as the Diving Saucer. Wally started building the Deep Princess in the late 1960’s after securing the plans from Captain George Kittredge from South Thomaston Maine. Kittridge manufactured small submarines and was generally recognized as the “father of personal submersibles”. Wally modified this 1-person design by adding a propeller, a reversible motor, and an acrylic hatch which complemented the bottom viewing window, offering a 360-degree view. Jay recalls helping Wally build the 16’, 2,000 lb steel sub in the MMYB Shop back when there was a dirt floor and no heat. She was launched in the Merrimack River in 1971. Both Wally and Jay would take the Deep Princess out for dives, mostly off Plum Island.  Boarding her could be tricky, particularly in less-than-calm seas. They would tow her out to the dive site with an inflatable that would be used as a “stabilizer”, sandwiched between the boat and the sub. The diver would be positioned in the inflatable and need to time popping the hatch, jumping in the driver’s seat, and quickly dogging the hatch back down, between wave action. She would sink quickly if water got in the cabin. Later they would use the crane on MMYB’s workboat Salvage I to drop her in the water. The Deep Princess also had a very active life on land. Wally loved to take her on tour to schools and other venues to educate students of all ages about her construction, diving & surfacing mechanics, breathing & pressurization, and O2 & CO2 dynamics. 


Why stop with 1 submarine? Fast forward a few years to the arrival of Asherah. Named after the sea goddess of the Phoenicians (famed sea travelers), she was a game-changer in the world of underwater archeology. Asherah was built by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics, for the University Museum at UPenn, to advance the ability to safely map archeological excavation sites via underwater “aerial photography”, with a longer submersion capacity, saving months of dive time on each site. Dr. George Bass, former curator of the Penn Museum Mediterranean Section at UPenn, oversaw her construction and she was commissioned in 1964 to undertake the world’s first scientific shipwreck investigation, examining a Bronze Age wreck off the southern coast of Turkey. Asherah is about the same length as Deep Princess, but is 4 times her weight (4 ½ tons) and can dive safely to 600 feet. She was known for her maneuverability, can run up to 4 knots, and her electrically powered propellers allow her to hover and move like a helicopter. Dr. Bass left UPenn to found the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, an affiliate of Texas A&M, where he taught from 1976 until his retirement in 2000. Jay was in frequent contact with Dr. Bass, up until his passing in 2021. A few years ago Jay reached out to Electric Boat/General Dynamics with hope that she would find a home at their headquarters in CT, and be used as an educational tool there. The CEO at the time was in favor, but mid-transaction they landed a contract that shifted their strategic priorities and directed all resources to that project – so they had to pass. They did, however, connect Jay with the Waterfront Coordinator for the Mystic Seaport Museum, as Mystic was launching an underwater exhibit Inspiration Through Exploration. The conversation was in motion until the fall of last year. We will continue to search for Asherah’s next best home, where she, and thoughts of the Deep Princess, will carry on Wally’s legacy of sharing the wonders of personal submersibles, exploration, and innovation.


To learn more about Dr. Bass’s work, check out Penn Museum Article on the Asherah.

Jay's Way

Brain Pick’n w/the Boss

In's & Out's of Oil Analysis (Part 1)


What is an oil analysis (OA) and what can it tell you? Think of an OA as a blood test that helps determine the health of your engine. Be it new or pre-owned, the first test will analyze the oil chemistry to establish a baseline. A sample has to be properly collected and sent to a lab that specializes in fluid analysis. The lab will test for metals, coolants, acidity, water, oxidation, etc. You will receive a panel breakdown that spells out levels at the time of the test…your baseline. The first test results are revealing but are designed to be step one in a “trend analysis”, a regularly scheduled set of samples over a span of time. Solo OA’s are often misunderstood to be the “tell-all” but in fact, it is the first step in a preventative maintenance program. You need the history to have an informed analysis. For new boat engines, OA #1 should be done after the break-in interval. For OA #2 and pre-owned maintenance, testing should happen every 100 hours or at regular service intervals.

As “Engine Phlebotomists”, MMYB can take samples and, as “Engine Docs”, MMYB can help you interpret the test results. Testing is fairly inexpensive and can be turned around in a few days. If you are thinking about an OA or have questions about the results, stop by the Shop with questions for the Engine Docs. In the next edition of the QUARTERDECK, MMYB’s Engine Doc Jay will share some insight regarding OA result analysis (Part 2). 

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OA Testing Kits: Putting our $$$ where our Mouth Is!!!

Because we feel so strongly about the value of OA as a part of your preventative maintenance program, we are offering 10% off all oil analysis kits!

April Showers Bring

GUY COTTON Rain Gear Sales

This New Bedford MA based family-run business has been making world-renown premium gear for 50 years. Innovation, durability, safety, and comfort sets them apart from other gear lines. MMYB stands behind GUY COTTON!


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Write of Way


Amy & Roger

MMYB Crew w Amy & Roger

What a long strange trip it's been

Have you ever thought about just pulling up anchor and taking off? That’s what MMYB family members Amy Jordan & Roger Block have done...several times. 


When Roger moved to Plum Island in 1997 and was looking for a place to keep his Ericson 35, little did he know that he was on course for a life with a new partner in crime, filled with cruising adventures, and long-term ties to the MMYB crew which would become his home port for 18 years. It didn’t take long for Roger to realize that, after meeting Wally, Jay Jr., & Jay III, the Ericson had landed in the right place. 


A few years later, in 1999, Roger and Amy met…Amy was keeping her Prairie 32 at MMYB. Let the cruising begin! Over the course of 2001 to 2019, they had 8 trips, logging some 65,000 nautical miles, with almost 30,000 logged during their Circumnavigation from 2010 – 2015. They took their first cruise south to the Bahamas in 2001 with the Ericson. They then got married, sold both boats, and bought their Pacific Seacraft 40, Shango. They took a few more cruises to the Bahamas and Caribbean before heading out for their Circumnavigation in 2010, returning to Newburyport in 2015. Prior to the Circumnavigation, they had tons of work done on Shango. Check out these photos from MMYB, Photos of Shango's Servicing Prior to 2010-2015 Circumnavigation, and more photos from their send-off Amy & Roger on Shango departing from MMYB.


“Can't say enough good things about Jay and Jay III. Not only did they and their crew do great work on Shango in Newburyport but I can't tell you how many times we have reached out to them on our travels for help and advice regarding some mess we had gotten ourselves into. Thank goodness for satellite phones!”, says Roger. "It got to be a joke between Billy and us regarding all the care packages he would put together and send to Shango wherever we would be around the globe."


After their Circumnavigation, Roger and Amy were off to Nova Scotia (2017), the Bahamas, Panama, and Columbia (2017-2018), back to the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Azores, and then crossed the Atlantic to England. They planned to go to Norway from England but the trip was interrupted by COVID. They had Shango shipped back to the States in 2020 then moved to Stonington, Maine where they are enjoying cruising Penobscot Bay and points further Downeast.


Amy’s writing talents are seen in the logs of the many Shango cruises that can be found here: Shango's Photos & Travel LogsAmy has published a few articles in the Cruising Club of America’s publication Voyages, an annual account of members’ sailing travels. This is the link to her 2018 article on their trip to the Solomon Islands: Why in the world would we go to the Solomon Islands? p.110, and the link to her article on their pre-COVOD trip to London: On Second Thought, Let's Go to London.


Although Roger and Amy have taken laps around the globe, and now call Stonington home, they will always be connected to Newburyport through memoirs and memories, and always be forever-members of the MMYB family.

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Boat Broker

Whether you are a first-time boat buyer, considering upsizing or downsizing from

your current boat, or simply looking to just sell your boat, MMYB is your best broker partner. Buying a boat and selling a boat can be overwhelming, stressful, and time-consuming. If you are buying, let us help you determine what boat best suits your needs in your price range…and find no cost to you! If you are selling, we will list your boat in the most robust online boat sales marketing outlets…for the right price. In either case, we will handle all the leads, schedule showings, surveys, haul-outs, handle the negotiations, and prepare all necessary documents to ensure a smooth Closing.


Besides having an industry expert partner with you to best represent your interests and achieve your goals, here are #5 reasons why MMYB is your best bet for your boat brokering needs.




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Now asking $75,000

MISTRAL - You will feel the owner’s pride and quality of care when you step aboard this 1983 Sabre 38. Whether blue water sailing or cruising, the Sabre 38 combines power, performance, and comfortable accommodations. 

The current owners have professionally maintained and cared for MISTRAL for 30 years. She was repowered in 2001 by a Yanmar Diesel 38 hp engine (2000hrs). Notable updates include but are not limited to: Garmin Electronics, Raymarine GPS, autopilot, newer Dodger and helmsman awning, replaced Harken furling system and head stay in 2018, rebuilt 3 blade Max Prop in 2019, replaced bellows, and the exhaust system was rebuilt in 2017. New 6" foam and upholstery with ultra-suede and Sunbrella have been added, and a solar panel was installed in 2018. With 6’ 4” of headroom, MISTRAL’s interior is open and roomy. She has two private cabins, an expansive U-shaped galley, a head, and a navigation station. The main salon features a large dining area with contoured seating, a handsome teak table that folds away, and the settee converts to a double berth. The Galley has a large refrigerator, plenty of locker and cabinet storage, 2 stainless steel sinks, and a Force 10 3 burner propane stove and oven. She has everything you need for some great sailing and entertaining.

Call today to schedule a showing or visit MISTRAL-Sabre 38 for more detail. 



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