August 2023

HEF's Take Stock Team is so excited to kick-off another amazing school year. You can start meeting with your students virtually, this week! This school year, you can continue to mentor students via the TSIC App, TSIC Web Portal and/or via our monitored Zoom links. You can schedule your first Zoom meeting by clicking here! If you need assistance using these platforms, please contact your assigned College Success Coach! 

Please keep in mind that in-person mentoring should not begin until August 28th to assist our Hillsborough County Public School partners adjust to the hectic start of the school year. We want to ensure that when you return to in-person mentoring our partners are prepared to host you. 

Back to School Mentoring Workshop

The Take Stock team is hosting a Back to School Mentoring Workshop to make sure mentors are up-to-date with the latest policies and procedures of the Take Stock in Children Program. The workshop will take place via Zoom on August 24 from 6-7p.m. If you can’t make it, that’s okay! We can always send you the recording.

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How did you become involved with mentoring through Hillsborough Education Foundation? I became aware of the Hillsborough Education Foundation through my employment with the Hillsborough County School District. As an employee of the school district, I was aware of the positive impact that caring adults can make in the life of a child, and I decided to become involved as a mentor.

What has been the most rewarding part of mentoring? It has been rewarding to interact with my mentees and encourage them to succeed. The greatest reward is to see a struggling student achieve academic success.

What do you believe is the key to being a quality mentor?  It is very important to listen to the student’s concerns without judging. You earn their trust by being consistent in scheduling and engaging them in conversation about their experiences. They are receptive to your encouragement and suggestions when they know that you genuinely care about their success.

When you are not working with students, how do you prefer to spend your free time? I enjoy reading and spending time with family. I am also actively involved with my church.

What do you hope your mentee will learn from you? Preparation and hard work form the foundation for success. I encourage my mentees to strive for success and develop the life skills of setting goals, time management, and good study habits while in school in order to be prepared for the college experience. I also stress the need for them to develop financial literacy.  

As we are gearing up for a new school year of mentoring students,

we want to set you up with plenty of resources to enrich your mentoring sessions.

Click below for useful resources!

Grade Specific Roadmaps
Career Exploration
Mentoring Ideas
Mentor Resource Portal

Please note, HEF's Take Stock Team expects to receive students' schedules from the school district towards the end of August. As soon as we receive them, College Success Coaches will email mentors their student's schedule!

We Want YOU! To Lead a Mentoring Webinar

Beginning in September, we will offer students in our program the opportunity to attend educational webinars, typically led by TSIC mentors. In the past, Mentors have covered topics to help students gain skills, learn more about college, learn about various careers, and more!

That's why we need YOU! to lead the charge. We know you have crucial life skills and wisdom to share with our students, so please sign up now to host a mentoring webinar. 

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Please contact Kayla Zambito with any questions you may have.

The district will no longer be using Profferfish to log and track student volunteer hours, which are used for Florida Bright Futures Scholarships.

Students will be going back to a paper form that will create ease of use for students and streamline the approval process. You can visit HCPS's website for access to the paper volunteer form by clicking here!

If your student has a question regarding volunteer hours they should visit their school counselor.

Volunteering Events

This summer, the Take Stock team facilitated four awesome volunteer events. We served at Sweetwater Farms, Clothes to Kids, Metropolitan Ministries and Feeding Tampa Bay. It was a great opportunity to serve the community, connect with mentees and have fun.

If you didn't get a chance to participate in these in-person events over the summer, we encourage you to join some of the mentor/mentee events we will offer throughout the school year!

Click the name of your College Success Coach to email them!

Mia Wuster

Director of TSIC

(813) 574-0271

Elí­sabet Rivera

Mentor Coordinator & CSC

(813) 574-0272

Melanie Jimenez

College Success Coach

(813) 574-0269

Kayla Zambito

College Success Coach

(813) 574-0267

Amari Smith

College Success Coach

(813) 574-0264

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August 10

Students' First Day of School

HCPS Students

August 24

Back to School Workshop

TSIC Mentors

August 28

In-Person Mentoring Begins

TSIC Mentors & Students

September 4

Labor Day /

Non-Student Day

HCPS Students

For more detailed information about the events occurring in Hillsborough County Public Schools, view the HCPS Calendar.

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