May is Mental Health Month and NEBGH is working to break the stigma! Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about a session on mental health at our June 13 Annual Conference!

We know you care about your employees' mental health, so check out May is Mental Health Month toolkit materials and awareness activities.
10 Podcasts About Mental Health

Take time to listen to some of these podcasts - they'll make you feel less alone.
Mental Health First Aid @ Work

NEBGH and Thrive NYC are partnering to offer this training at a savings of $150 per person - contact us to get started!
---- Other News You Can Use! ----
NYC Passes Bill to Ban Pre-employment Marijuana Drug Testing
The Bill expands the already significant list of protections for employees and job applicants under the New York City Human Rights Law.
Clinical Brief: Migraine Headaches

Afflicting more than 40 million Americans, migraine headache imposes significant costs on employers in both absenteeism, presenteeism and healthcare spending.
The Real Deal on the Recent Employee Wellness Program Headlines

Recent press reporting on a JAMA study seems to indicate that employee wellness programs don't work. Read NEBGH's Medical Director's response here.

Another piece on this topic showing that results are mixed.
May is also National Stroke Awareness Month!

Reduce your risk for stroke by keeping a healthy blood pressure - learn how!

The NYC Heart Age Calculator helps New Yorkers determine their risk of cardiovascular disease and offers tips and resources for improving their heart health.
Q: What's your favorite way to relieve stress?
A: I knit and I shop, and I shop and buy yarn to knit with.

Q: If you were a brand, what would be your motto?
A: I am unlimited.

Q: Which benefit or program do you wish employees would utilize more?

Q: What would you say has changed most about your job/industry since you first began your career?
A: Everything costs more, care has improved, but as a population we are not healthier.

Q: What was the last meal you cooked?
A: Gluten-free spaghetti with ground turkey meat sauce.
Hotel cut-off is Friday, May 17 - make your reservations NOW to get NEBGH's rate of $250 per night for the 8th Annual Health & Wellness Benefits Conference!