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June is Elder Empowerment Month

Aging is not "lost youth" but a new stage of opportunity and strength.

June/July 2024 Newsletter

Ways to Empower Older Adults:

As we age, we may need more support to maintain our independence and quality of life. Empowering older adults can mean different things to different people, but at its core, it is showing them the respect they deserve. Some things we can do is provide companionship, physical support, and emotional support.

Companionship is essential for seniors who may feel isolated or lonely. It can be as simple as spending time with them, chatting over a cup of tea, or playing a game together. Physical support can involve helping with daily tasks such as grocery shopping, cleaning, or transportation to appointments. Emotional support is equally important and can involve listening to their concerns, providing encouragement, and being a source of comfort.

Empowering older adults means recognizing their strengths and abilities, and helping them to maintain their independence and dignity. It is a way to show respect and gratitude for all they have contributed throughout their lives. So, let's take the time to empower our older adults by providing them with the support they need to live their best lives.

Thank you!

We are truly thankful for the knowledge you have passed down to us, paving the way for our growth and development.

To Report Abuse of Older Adults:

Ashland Jobs & Family Services- Adult Protective Services 419-282-5000

Ashland Sheriff's Office 419-289-3911

Ashland Police Department 419-289-3639

Mental Health & Advocacy Services

Mental Health & Recovery Board of Ashland County 419-281-3139

Crisis Helpline 419-289-6111

Network Providers:

Appleseed Community Mental Health Center 419-281-3716

Catholic Charities Services (CCS) 419-289-1903

ACCADA 419-289-7675

Click here for Elder Empowerment Calendar link

Ashland Balloonfest June 27-29, 2024

Ashland event that's fun for the entire family!

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Keeping Ashland Healthy Podcast

Be sure to listen to the Keeping Ashland Healthy Podcast with Dr. Ashley and The Boss to hear topics you care about when it comes to you and your loved ones mental health, and to hear local professionals and guests.

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It's Summer!

Children and Screen Time

Children are on summer break, and after a couple of weeks they begin to get bored. Many children turn to tv, video games or their cell phones and internet, depending on their age. Monitoring your child's screen time can be tuff, but too much screen time can affect our physical, emotional and social well being, so how do we balance it and how much screen time is too much?

Here are some tips to reduce screen time. Click Here for an article from the Mayo Clinic Health System.

Looking for some activities to do with your kids?

100 Fun Summer Activities for Kids & Parents

Understanding Farmers' Mental Health Concerns

Understanding Farmers' Mental Health Concerns

Save the Date for Upcoming Events

  • Aug 10- Veteran's Appreciation Day at Ashland Airport

  • Sept 15-21 Ashland County Fair

  • Sept 29 Suicide Prevention Awareness Walk

  • Oct 1-5 Loudonville Street Fair

  • Oct 23 MHRB Annual Luncheon

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