The Landmarks Commission Meeting that was scheduled to be held today, Thursday, June 22, has been cancelled due to lack of quorum. We apologize for any inconvenience this cancellation may have caused you.

Two cases that had staff recommendation for one month hold will be placed on the agenda for July 27th meeting as held cases:

COA 2022-160  616 Claybrook Street – Speedway Terrace Historic District

Request: New Construction: one-and-a-half-story, single-family home

Property Owner/Applicant: Renewal Homes LLC / CCPM TN Dyersburg, LLC (Albert Butler)

Designer/Contractor: Sullivan Home Plans (Ricky Parker)

Staff Planner:

COA 2023-068  1650 Glenview Avenue – Glenview Historic District

Request: Exterior Alterations: replace windows; and New Construction: second floor addition (Retroactive - ENF-2023-00789)

Property Owner/Applicant: DME Transport LLC / Tavaryl Walls

Designer/Contractor: N/A

Staff Planner:

Two cases that were eligible to be on the consent agenda this month will be sent for review and Expedited Major Approval with the July minor cases after the application deadline on June 27, 2023.

COA 2023-025 361 South Main Street – South Main Historic District

Request: Site Improvements: install 8 ft. tall chain-link fence with concertina wire on top (Retroactive - ENF-2023-00205)

Applicant: Cabiago Investments LLC

Designer/Contractor: Bluff City Fence Co.

Staff Planner:

COA 2023-076  1727 Lamar Avenue – Rozelle-Annesdale Historic District

Request: Demolition: primary structure

Property Owner/Applicant: Pigeon Roost Development Corporation / Anthony Milton

Designer/Contractor: N/A

Staff Planner:

All minor COA applications that were previously approved by the Commission this month will be included in the July Agenda to ensure that they are included in the meeting minutes.

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